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Opportunity for a central HQ

February 7th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Parkersburg - (Comments Off on Opportunity for a central HQ)

Hey all you activists? Those serious “get it done” activists who want to be part of something big! We have an opportunity to occupy a very huge heritage building, in the middle of downtown in a town near the southern Ohio border. We’re going to occupy, retail space, loft apartments and offices, totaling 12,000 sq ft. But the stipulation is that EVERYONE is a worker. No loafers or transients! Free accommodations if you’re prepared to give 40+ hrs a week of admin, media, tech support, web design, organizing, outreach, or something that will benefit the group as a whole. There will be a screening process to ensure it doesn’t become a hostel. Seriously! We must ensure we have the brightest, techie savvy, media smart people who can help us create change via think tank, collaboration, consensus and vision. We’re being given an opportunity to make a difference…together. Please email with a brief description of what you can offer. The first meeting will be in March with Janet and the owner of the building. Make the leap! Be the change you believe is possible!