Economic & Social Justice

What a great way to end the day, seeing this pardon.  Having attended Mannings trial and seeing how fragile Chelsea was..this brought tears to my eyes. This is a great thing Obama is doing.  The American taxpayers should be grateful to Manning for exposing the criminal behavior of some military through the released movie “Collateral Damage” that went viral on the Internet. Chelsea risked her life giving documents to WikiLeaks in order that we would know what was going on behind the scenes.   The message, when our government sent Manning to prison, was that it’s ok to be a whistleblower on a company… but not the government.

Obama Commutes Bulk-of-Chelsea Mannings Sentence (NY Times) (more…)


Yesterday the “V” had a beauty treatment. That’s right…she was washed and is now ready for her make over. One side has been cleared and all posters will be adorning the door side of the V. Photo’s will be coming soon. We also gave her some new oil and a filter. It appears she was in dire need of some grease too …oops. Big shout out to the the guys (more info to come with pics) who worked on her and made us feel so welcome. Now she’s rock’n for the next 40 to 50 cities. We will be setting up livestream on the “V” because the best conversation are taking place on there and we want you to be part of it. Looking forward to meeting all the folks who have yet to be part of the OTR tour.

Having said that, we’ll be staying in NY for a while longer because there’s a huge project under way, of which OTR will be part. It’s time to kick this movement into phase II. Get ready for the tidal wave in spring! Every city will join this force to push back. Our statement WILL be made louder and WILL be heard.

There are way too many people who still do not know what the “Occupy” movement stands for, so we must educate (use your “What is..document”). While we are all sympathetic to the needs of the homeless we must fix the bigger problem not just bandaid for a few months. The system needs to CHANGE. It will take all of us, and all our focus, so don’t get sidetracked. Anyone willing to be more involved please let OTR know so we can connect you to USA Assembly….coming soon.

We are still working on Occupying a School. All of you who who have shown interest will be contacted once we find space. We are, and will continue to do, amazing things. This is the example we set. Build it and they will come…..