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A future Music & Art House…. The “Lil Stone House” was donated today!

May 17th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House - (Comments Off on A future Music & Art House…. The “Lil Stone House” was donated today!)

Glen and I have been quite busy securing a building so we can bring music and art to the East Side of Pueblo.  There’s a tired, old house two doors to the east that’s been boarded up way too long.  Today the owner Matt, donated the house for the price of outstanding liens to the City of Pueblo.   We plan to take the boards off, fix it up and make a happy place that kids and adults can go to make music and art.  We feel there’s much too little of the “feel good” stuff in life.   When budgets are being crunched, those are the first things to go.  We want to bring back the things that make life’s stressed a little less stressful.  If we can teach kids how to play guitar, piano, trumpet or any instrument we can get donated (because we don’t have any right now) it’s going to make the East Side a little brighter.  Kids love art and there’s quite a bit of land where kids can paint and create.  We’ll be able to show local art and bring music to those that might not otherwise have the chance.  So today, we added a new property for the future of Occupy the Roads in addition to our little Red House (called Pueblo House).  (more…)