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Rock’n the “Li’l Stone House”

November 16th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Lil Stone House | Pueblo | Pueblo House | Stone House - (Comments Off on Rock’n the “Li’l Stone House”)

We finished all the things we wanted to get done on the house last night. This morning we had breakfast & meeting to set out our priorities/tasks for the day and everything went beautifully. What a great event it was tonight. The talent we witnessed was fantastic. It’s so great to see the kids (little & big) enjoying art and music. Three little kids in particular were busy painting some wonderful art with Dad looking on.

We were all blown away when Cage (next door) rapped about his Gramma passing away recently. Then his sister Chasey did a couple numbers…followed by our own Alais Clay who performed her newest number (written only a few days before) and outstanding as usual.  Next up was Tammy with some poetry, then Samantha assisted by Guitarist from their PCC (Pueblo Community College). Next up was Cliff, who had seen the ad in the Chieftain newspaper last Wed. and, who came to play violin, then guitar and another instrument called a Didgeridoo, a long horn type thingy and very cool.  Alas our Stephanie (Alais Clay) belted out another during the night but with her sore throat was really struggling but still awesome. (more…)

More on Li’l Red and the Music & Art House

June 26th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Stone House - (Comments Off on More on Li’l Red and the Music & Art House)

Well, everyone has been crazy busy here with our newest addition.  The Music & Art house has come a long way in a short period of time.  Paul has done an amazing job with the gardens.  We had a guest here (Chris from Buffalo) who worked really hard putting in plants and cleaning the house upstair and then painting.   Unfortunately he’s not able to continue and we wish him well.  Cory found an ad on Craigslist and scored a bunch of furniture an fixtures that in the end were donated.  All in all, it was a crazy couple weeks.  All the plants were salvaged.  It’s amazing what stores throw out and just a little dumpster diving got some trees and bushes that, with any luck, will survive and help to beautify the grounds.   The landscape is well underway.  Ed, Mona and Ellis helped plant roses bushes and berry bushes along the fences of both the “Lil Red House” and the “Stone House” so it’s going to look pretty awesome when done. (more…)

Back in Pueblo, Colorado

June 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Stone House - (Comments Off on Back in Pueblo, Colorado)

Got back in town, albeit tired after lots of driving solo, but anxious to get back into the thick of things. Ed had the shower just about all tiled. The drop ceiling in the bathroom downstairs is done and laundry room was drywalled and the windows are all framed properly (to the windows -where there was about a 8 inch gap). Thanks to Tim and a friend for the work they did.   Ed got us a stove and another rocking chair. Sweet!

Chris, Cory & Paul have worked very hard putting in trees and plants and even painted a few window ledges. The yard looks amazing. Big thanks to Paul for taking care of the watering and ducks while I was away.

And huge thanks to Elaine for taking care of Kayla at her house and giving her playmates so she wasn’t lonesome. I hope to repay the doggie sitting when you need it. I couldn’t believe how much the garden had grown already. All the raised boxes were planted and looking great. I especially love the enthusiasm in our newest addition to Pueblo House/Stone House, Chris (more…)