Economic & Social Justice

Since the RV was done in NY it had taken quite a beating, weather and mileage, so we decided it was time to get a facelift and since we now own a radio station in Pueblo (KOYC Radio 98.5FM) we thought that would be perfect.    We now have 21 ft of advertising for our station.  The coolest station around we might add!

We launched our low powered radio station in Feb. 2017 and since then have made a huge impact in Pueblo.  A wide variety of music (much local bands and musicians) and talk shows have made us quite unique.  We are working on getting the shows up on our KOYC Radio. com website so everyone will have a chance to hear them.  Until then we talk about pressing issues of Pueblo, the State and Federally.   We also have our J Sq’d Show with Janet & Jimi and then our THC (Theoretical Heretical Conspiracy Show) where we talk about what’s the rumor, untold truths, and how the media fail to mention many things of importance.  We have a voice and we’re using it.  Occupy the Roads….Alive and Well in Pueblo.