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Happy Holidays from our House to Yours!

December 25th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House - (Comments Off on Happy Holidays from our House to Yours!)

We hope everyone was able to enjoy a wonderful day celebrating, however they chose, on this very Festivus day. We here, at Pueblo House,  enjoyed some great company last night (Glen, Anne, Cheryl, Brian, Joe, Randy & I) and while solving the world issues ate a meal prepared by many hands. We wish all our friends a very happy day and hope all your family & friends are safe and well over the Holidays.    With love from all of us at PH….here’s to 2014! (more…)

Finally we can see the light…..

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Another busy day at Pueblo House with all the chores we’re trying to get done before the cold spell comes mid week.
Baseboards being sanded, painted and brought in for reinstalling and then lots of electrical switches & plugs being put in.  Joe had sanded one huge baseboard yesterday then brought out the rest of the baseboards that needed fixing so Stephen and I could get them done while he worked on trying to figure out the electrical before Rick came.We want to send a big thanks to Rick Stanton and Ken Shore for being so incredibly helpful as we worked out a few kinks tonight. Ken (on the phone with us from Denver and the original electrician who wired the PH) walked Rick through a series of steps to get the front entrance light working. (more…)

Painting, Building, Shopping and Educating in Pueblo

November 26th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House | Stop the TPP - (Comments Off on Painting, Building, Shopping and Educating in Pueblo)

A flurry of activity @ Pueblo House after a hearty breakfast (BIG CHILL style) as everyone pitched in to make an awesome meal right down to the biscuits & gravy.  Rick (from PCC) came by to do a little more on the electrical needs and helped label the panel box. Stephanie was touching up paint in the laundry room, then she projected (on vinyl) & cut out all the lettering for our new BIG sign which will be adorning the RV Friday as we head around town for some serious outreach…and education about TPP. She then hole punched all the lettering, so we could zip tie them on the deer fencing that Cheryl Moore so generously bought and delivered to us.

Stephen got a website up for the Veteran’s for Peace of Pueblo who really need some help recruiting new members. Joe got some handles put on the cabinets and started making a shelving unit for the media area. I started out doing accounting but ended up (more…)

Rock’n the “Li’l Stone House”

November 16th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Lil Stone House | Pueblo | Pueblo House | Stone House - (Comments Off on Rock’n the “Li’l Stone House”)

We finished all the things we wanted to get done on the house last night. This morning we had breakfast & meeting to set out our priorities/tasks for the day and everything went beautifully. What a great event it was tonight. The talent we witnessed was fantastic. It’s so great to see the kids (little & big) enjoying art and music. Three little kids in particular were busy painting some wonderful art with Dad looking on.

We were all blown away when Cage (next door) rapped about his Gramma passing away recently. Then his sister Chasey did a couple numbers…followed by our own Alais Clay who performed her newest number (written only a few days before) and outstanding as usual.  Next up was Tammy with some poetry, then Samantha assisted by Guitarist from their PCC (Pueblo Community College). Next up was Cliff, who had seen the ad in the Chieftain newspaper last Wed. and, who came to play violin, then guitar and another instrument called a Didgeridoo, a long horn type thingy and very cool.  Alas our Stephanie (Alais Clay) belted out another during the night but with her sore throat was really struggling but still awesome. (more…)

We’ve been busy sorting, cleaning, organizing and making the house a home. The kids have been enjoying having us in the neighborhood. We’ll plan to have a “Meet & Greet” when I get back from WA. The beautiful sunny days have been awesome and allowing us to get much winterizing done before the really cold weather arrives. Last night we got down with some singing. Stephen found lyrics and then projected them on the wall so we could all belt out a few tunes. We definitely need some more talent and instruments. We had a violin, harmonica, drums and an organ (donated). Please think about donating any items you might have so we can add to our collection for the kids. (more…)

Pueblo House is Occupied!

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Pueblo House is coming together and today our newest addition gave an outstanding performance to a tiny audience and made them smile with art & music. Alais Clay has started the “dream school” which consists of after school and weekend programs for kids on the east side of Pueblo. The house is now equipped with hot water, running toilets and many other upgrades (renovating since June last year) to make it a home and cozy meeting place. The OTR “V” will be heading to Pueblo right after the “Toronto tour” and plans are to start strategic meetings where all organizations can come together in (more…)

Occupying the li’l red house

July 16th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in El Pueblo Unido | Pueblo | Pueblo House - (Comments Off on Occupying the li’l red house)

We’re getting closer to the goal of occupying the Li’l Red House.  A team of drywallers are working diligently on the ceiling and walls to make sure we have a professional looking job.  Unfortunately the ceiling had to be taken down and redone, but now the work is done and soon we’re going to have textured ceilings and nice smooth walls.  The Glen Burke library will be completed as a tribute to the wonderful Glen Burke who was instrumental in making this happen.  Soon the floors will be put down and li’l red will be “occupied”.  Thanks to Mona and Ed for finding our workers and making it happen.


After reading this I sat weeping with both sadness & joy in my heart.  Sad because of the recent Trayvon Martin ruling by the Florida Courts and Joy knowing it’s people like Aaron and Stephanie among others, who will make this small community thrive.   Aaron, you have no idea how much I enjoyed reading your words, which were eloquent and inspiring.  I am honored to have you guys as part of the dream school in Pueblo. Thank you Alais Clay & Wandering Monks for all you have done, all you did last night and all you’ll continue to do so we can help save a few children on the Eastside of Pueblo. I love you guys. …Janet
This was written by Alais Clay:
 “It was a beautiful night =) Not the turn out I had expected but we got some seeds, soil, stuffed animals, paint, a bunch of wood, $450, a violin >.< !, and one awesome guy offered to come volunteer and teach drum classes. Several people said they’d keep the “dream school” in mind and have gardening supplies and soil and stuff they would like to donate in the future. I am utterly exhausted and don’t know why I’m on here.. but sending Love from Boulder and know that a seed has been planted here! The prayer circle was very powerful =) Now on with the Revolution!”
And Aaron of Wandering Monks wrote this, the day after the Boulder event……..
Last night, I wasn’t rioting, in fact I never even saw a second of television. I wouldn’t even know the sad scenario and outcome of the Trevon verdict if I wasn’t connected through Facebook. And although it’s related, this post isn’t really about all that. You see last night I was sitting in a circle of amazing people who make up my community, some I knew very well, and some were new acquaintances. As we sat together, we prayed, and we each personally exchanged our vision of intent for ourselves, and our wishes for our community (more…)

A night to remember….by Alais Clay & Wandering Monks

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Dream School Poster

More on Li’l Red and the Music & Art House

June 26th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Stone House - (Comments Off on More on Li’l Red and the Music & Art House)

Well, everyone has been crazy busy here with our newest addition.  The Music & Art house has come a long way in a short period of time.  Paul has done an amazing job with the gardens.  We had a guest here (Chris from Buffalo) who worked really hard putting in plants and cleaning the house upstair and then painting.   Unfortunately he’s not able to continue and we wish him well.  Cory found an ad on Craigslist and scored a bunch of furniture an fixtures that in the end were donated.  All in all, it was a crazy couple weeks.  All the plants were salvaged.  It’s amazing what stores throw out and just a little dumpster diving got some trees and bushes that, with any luck, will survive and help to beautify the grounds.   The landscape is well underway.  Ed, Mona and Ellis helped plant roses bushes and berry bushes along the fences of both the “Lil Red House” and the “Stone House” so it’s going to look pretty awesome when done. (more…)