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Perhaps a good start to raise our voices in a city that is not listening to its people, would be to hold the “Occupy National Gathering – NATGAT” here in Pueblo and fill downtown with tents, tarps and plenty of houseless people holding signs on every corner, especially along that beautiful (old people’s walk called “The Riverwalk”),    We could fill the grassy slopes (that Pueblo is trying to sell off in exchange for more concrete) with our messages of “occupy”.   Let’s disrupt the downtown core for a month or so and let them know exactly how we feel about them ignoring the poor in this city, which is about 1/2 the population. A new survey released shows 84% of Pueblo is moderate to low income, yet there’s no bus service after 6 pm and the bus terminal (used for Greyhound stops to Denver) locks all their doors, so bus loads of people, who are stopping over in Pueblo have no access to a bathroom or vending machine. The city is run by those with money, so why do they care if people can get home from their min. wage job at midnight?   Apparently this city doesn’t care if people are walking home in unsafe neighborhoods, late at night.   I’m calling out to all my occupy friends across the Nation to see about hosting the National Gathering here in Pueblo.  We have houses and empty lots ..and perhaps we can get churches and other buildings willing to help put people up. If anyone thinks this is a good idea let me know. I think it would be absolutely beautiful myself. Let’s disrupt some very comfortable lives in Pueblo! How do you think they’d like being made uncomfortable?

This might be the start of a yearly thing where we pick cities that have lots of poverty and hold our National Gatherings there to elevate their voices and demand change!   Get in touch if you think you might like to host or help host this years in Pueblo, Colorado.

Rolling Rebellion-OWS

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Welcome to the rolling rebellion….Democracy is not for sale!


Check out Occupy Rolling Rebellion here


rolling rebellion

Lost in space but surely this can’t be?

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Once again our government hard at work!  I had to call the IRS today to find out why (after OTR Foundation was approved for 501c3) we’re not showing on the website as an official 501c3. Appears they “lost” yes “fallen through the cracks again” our application and if I hadn’t phoned would have never been added. This is supposed to be done automatically after being approved. We were approved in April. So now they tell me it could take up to 8 weeks for it to appear on the master list. (more…)

Happy Anniversary OWS!

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On Sept 16th, we attended a meeting at St. Paul-St. Andrew church in Brooklyn where a few of us gathered to hear about the new Occupy Debit Card that is going to be launched. The dinner provided was great and we were able to hang around and meet more people, including Paster Michael. It was great to have gotten parking in Brooklyn close by the church.  After the meeting we decided to head back to Manhattan to Zucotti Park to see if we might score a parking spot there overnight. We drove around for over an hour, with the help of a few occupiers who had jumped on board to navigate, but there was absolutely no where to park. In fact it was a real nightmare, as any parking we did find was only good until 7am which would leave us having to occupy the streets for a couple hours before the march would start.

Finally, we decided to go back to the church (this is one that was very instrumental in feeding and clothing people during Occupy Sandy), and take them up on their offer to allow us to park in front of the church, even though it said “no parking” they thought (more…)

Start spreading the news. It’s up to you NY, NY!

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We arrived in NY by 9am found parking at our favorite location (39th & Broadway). Later this afternoon, we walked over to Bryant Park near Times Sq., but didn’t see anyone so we came back and picked up Matt Wilson (my nephew and our favorite closet anarchist :-)) so we could drive around like old times. Nome, Matt and I went to WA Square first, where there were lots of people, but didn’t seem to be any occupiers that we noticed. So, we drove around Zuccotti Park, where we found Jorge & Leslie and a couple others, but found absolutely no parking, very narrow, busy streets with tons of construction. What a mess down there with many streets were blocked off. Are “they” getting ready for us?

So, we came back to times square area (just about the same parking spot) and are now doing some much needed outreach. We just had a visit with three gals. They didn’t know about OWS, Monsanto, a 3rd tower falling on 9/11, fracking or Fukushima….but they did know that things are “messed up”, that they are “slaves to the system” as working class poor and then wanted to know, “How do you get a corrupt money driven gov’t to change it?”. I said we don’t ask them to fix it! We just build our own, and we build it so big they won’t be able to ignore us! That’s how we make things right in this crazy messed up world. (more…)

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza-Vigil in NYC

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On this day we gathered in Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza in downtown NYC on Waters St. The vigil started around 6 pm and when we arrived around 5 ish there were a few scattered vets mingling. As we approached and introduced ourselves (Janet, Diane & Donny) we met Watermellon Slim (William P. Homans) from Mississippi among a few others. He, as it turns out would end up spending the night with us on the “V”. Slim was a bugle trumpet player in the army. He was quick to pull out his harmonica and play us a little taps. Excellent job! As more people joined in we noticed the canopies were being erected and since the threat of rain loomed, equipment stored under for safety. Speakers were set up as well as microphones, etc. and appeared very organized with Ellen Davidson & Tarak Kauff. Just after 6 pm the ceremony started with words from Mike Ferner and lead to many more speakers including Micah Turner who was apparently turning himself in before midnight as he was and had been AWOL for 30 days. He talked about the propaganda that was being spewed in Iraq & Afghanistan and that it was the reason for his leaving the army. (more…)

Occupying NYC (Broadway & Times Square)

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Managed to get parking right down in Manhattan on 37 & Broadway. The drone model was in Times Square, where we met some Vets For Peace and the “Grannies”. The turnout wasn’t real great but the enthusiasm was awesome by those who were there. There’s a gathering a march expected for tomorrow Oct. 7th and we hope the people come out in droves for that. (more…)


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I decided to attend the OWS GA which I heard NY was an attempting to restart after a slow down period. NYCGA have had lots of issues with control and getting support back out for their once grand GA’s. I arrived a little late (occutime) to find things had already started. People gathered around but I didn’t recognize too many from back in Feb. I listened for a while and then someone started to talk about consensus and it went LONG! I left when I met someone from OWS for an hour, came back and the same conversation was going on. Wow, I could tell this was going to be a long night. (more…)

It was an event fit for a queen.  The “V” got a special parking space right on Broadway between 38 & 39th.  Couldn’t have been any better unless we rolled out the red carpet, pulled out the awning and threw a couple lawn chairs out.   We made the most of our prime real estate spot for Saturday evening and then  Sunday’s “No more war” rally in Times Square.   Handy that Matt (Janet’s nephew) worked at Starbucks on 41st and Broadway.   We definitely saw double takes,  jaws drop and many pictures snapped.   We love New York!  Who’s Streets?  Our Streets!  Who’s V?  RV!

Occupy Wall St.

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After spending a couple days in Newark I decided to take the “V” down to the OWS GA (Manhattan, NY) and bring some of the good folks from Newark. The arrival of the RV was well received and we were able to park right next to the park. Much to the chagrin of the police who didn’t hide their contempt for this large, in your face, Occumobile!

People were coming up and asking questions and excited about what OTR represented and where we had been. Everyone piled off (Janet, Rocky, John, Hatari, Tino, Anthony) and worked our way to the General Assembly. I was amazed and disappointed, that the Wall St. I knew and loved from Oct. 3rd last year, had changed dramatically. The camp was missing and all that was left was a gaping compound of cement left cold and baron flower gardens. Unfortunately without the energy of the camp, they have fallen into the same conundrum as some other camps and that is, arguing over money and power. What makes us succumb to the same things we despise in our Government? Why isn’t the movement leading by example and ensuring the focus on greed and corruption is not hijacked with petty issues that distract from the real issues? We have an insurmountable group of people around the Nation, all of whom, willing to put their personal lives on hold to ensure we are heard and can make a difference. We must keep moving, as one in solidarity. We have the power to do what is needed in the numbers we represent.

Let’s make sure we don’t give the media what they’re looking for. We knew it was going to be tough through the winter months. There’s lots of talk that spring will bring out new ideas and new caravan’s who will rally the troops! Please OWS don’t let us down….the whole world is watching!