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Happy Anniversary OWS!

September 17th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in OWS S17 2nd Anniversary - (Comments Off on Happy Anniversary OWS!)

On Sept 16th, we attended a meeting at St. Paul-St. Andrew church in Brooklyn where a few of us gathered to hear about the new Occupy Debit Card that is going to be launched. The dinner provided was great and we were able to hang around and meet more people, including Paster Michael. It was great to have gotten parking in Brooklyn close by the church.  After the meeting we decided to head back to Manhattan to Zucotti Park to see if we might score a parking spot there overnight. We drove around for over an hour, with the help of a few occupiers who had jumped on board to navigate, but there was absolutely no where to park. In fact it was a real nightmare, as any parking we did find was only good until 7am which would leave us having to occupy the streets for a couple hours before the march would start.

Finally, we decided to go back to the church (this is one that was very instrumental in feeding and clothing people during Occupy Sandy), and take them up on their offer to allow us to park in front of the church, even though it said “no parking” they thought (more…)

Start spreading the news. It’s up to you NY, NY!

September 14th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in New York -OWS | OWS S17 #2 - (Comments Off on Start spreading the news. It’s up to you NY, NY!)

We arrived in NY by 9am found parking at our favorite location (39th & Broadway). Later this afternoon, we walked over to Bryant Park near Times Sq., but didn’t see anyone so we came back and picked up Matt Wilson (my nephew and our favorite closet anarchist :-)) so we could drive around like old times. Nome, Matt and I went to WA Square first, where there were lots of people, but didn’t seem to be any occupiers that we noticed. So, we drove around Zuccotti Park, where we found Jorge & Leslie and a couple others, but found absolutely no parking, very narrow, busy streets with tons of construction. What a mess down there with many streets were blocked off. Are “they” getting ready for us?

So, we came back to times square area (just about the same parking spot) and are now doing some much needed outreach. We just had a visit with three gals. They didn’t know about OWS, Monsanto, a 3rd tower falling on 9/11, fracking or Fukushima….but they did know that things are “messed up”, that they are “slaves to the system” as working class poor and then wanted to know, “How do you get a corrupt money driven gov’t to change it?”. I said we don’t ask them to fix it! We just build our own, and we build it so big they won’t be able to ignore us! That’s how we make things right in this crazy messed up world. (more…)