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CSU Orientation + Riverwalk Drumming Circle

August 27th, 2014 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in CSU | Pueblo - (Comments Off on CSU Orientation + Riverwalk Drumming Circle)

Met a whole lot of great people today at CSU student orientation. It was packed around noon and both Joe & I gave out hundreds of cards. We hope to have student volunteers joining us soon. We met musicians, artists, creative and passionate people who loved what we’re bringing to the east side. Great things are on its way and with the music and art space complete we’ll have another area for bringing people together to better the community.

We followed the day by joining a drumming circle on the river walk under the main st. bridge where many talented drummers gathered and what a sound they made!  The coordination of rhythm & beats was astounding.  Drummers came from CO Springs and Denver to participate.  We surely have a lot of talent locally.  Many have offered to play at Pueblo House and that’s wonderful.  We’re working hard to get the houses completed so we can start more programs for the kids. (more…)

Sturgis Bike Rally next year anyone?

August 4th, 2014 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Sturgis Bike Rally - (Comments Off on Sturgis Bike Rally next year anyone?)
Something's missing!  Whose "V"?

Oh boy, found out there was a humungous rally in Sturgis this weekend and the RV could have been sitting in the middle of it had we known earlier.  A friend came by while we were sitting at the Chieftain newspaper (protesting the Israel/Palestine conflict and trying to get media attention) to let us know he was heading there and they were expecting over 1/2 million people.   Now that’s worth occupying!    Maybe a plan for next year should be on the agenda,  especially because they’ll be celebrating 75 years.  Now that sounds like an event worth attending.  They all hate what the Government’s doing too, right?  Ok….that’s a start.

That tour would be after our girls tour …”Get the money out”!  Coming to a city/town/tent near you this fall/winter!  Ladies start your engines….is Mexico calling us? (JW)

PCC Job Fair and Youth meetings

May 13th, 2014 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Monsanto Rally | Pueblo | WaveofAction - (Comments Off on PCC Job Fair and Youth meetings)

Last night Pueblo House had a few young 20 year olds who were interested in finding out more about Monsanto and what they’re doing to our food supply.  With a growing concern about foods being genetically modified they wanted information and answers.   Colorado is fighting back with the “right to know” request for labeling.   Petitions will be gathered and signatures submitted to get this on the ballot for November.

May 24th will be a global day of protest with large marches taking place across the globe.   We will be there supporting the march against Monsanto set to take place on Northern Blvd on the south side.  We’re expecting quite a crowd to show up and help educate the public on what a GMO is and how it affects those that ingest it.

We ended the night watching the movie “End of the Road” which talks about the money printing business of the Federal Reserve. (more…)

North wall heading into LR..done!
We got ourselves ready for the final inspection on Pueblo House and that happens tomorrow. Joe and I worked on “that crazy wall” until 10 tonight.   It was a flurry of activity to have all the little things ready, but we did it.  Fingers crossed that all goes well with Regional Building Inspections and we can start on the Li’l stone house next.
So happy to report that Pueblo Electrics is going to help us out again with getting electric to the SH. One plus, is that the wiring and some plumbing exists in the SH which we didn’t have in PH so it’s in better shape, but still very needy.
It’s been a long time coming and it was only through the many volunteers that Pueblo House is now ready for programs.
We’re working with many of the local groups like Teen Pregnancy-Health Care, My Youth LInk and many others. The City Planning (Wade & Beritt) will be coming by for a visit this week too and we’ll discuss historical status for both buildings (since both are over 100 years old) which will hopefully provide us with funding ability. (more…)

Happy Holidays from our House to Yours!

December 25th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House - (Comments Off on Happy Holidays from our House to Yours!)

We hope everyone was able to enjoy a wonderful day celebrating, however they chose, on this very Festivus day. We here, at Pueblo House,  enjoyed some great company last night (Glen, Anne, Cheryl, Brian, Joe, Randy & I) and while solving the world issues ate a meal prepared by many hands. We wish all our friends a very happy day and hope all your family & friends are safe and well over the Holidays.    With love from all of us at PH….here’s to 2014! (more…)

Day 2 as Kalamazoo is “Occupied” from all over the U.S.

August 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Kalamazoo | National Gathering #2 - (Comments Off on Day 2 as Kalamazoo is “Occupied” from all over the U.S.)

NatGat2 day 2

Today we are “occupying” the Kalamazoo PeaceCenter also known as the “Wesley Foundation” for meetings and sessions. Starting out with breakfast served downstairs.Presentations 10 a.m. Deep Democracy Training, Dr. Riki Ott (upstairs) and another on Direct Action Strategies (downstairs)We invite everyone to join us. It took a bit of navigating to find the place but’s it’d directly across from the Gordon & Elizabeth Sindecruse Health Center. (more…)

Ready to roll on to Parkersburg

June 30th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Stone House - (Comments Off on Ready to roll on to Parkersburg)

The “V” has been taking up space in the back of our beautiful little Pueblo House.  If you look real close you can see it back there.  But now it’s time to get back on the roads and head East.   We never quite made it to the West Coast as planned and OTR apologizes to our friends there who wanted us to come out.  Unfortunately an urgent personal matter has come up, which is going to require me to be near Detroit.  So I’m starting the engine and heading out tomorrow (Monday).   I plan to arrive Thursday, where the “V” will be parked while I tend to these personal matters.    Afterward and depending how surgery goes,  it will be time to start our Organize Central -HQ in downtown Parkersburg, which hopefully we’ll have the 501c3 certificate available ,so the donation of that property can be finalized.   Larry has been quite patient as we wait on the Government to issue our certificate and allow us to forge ahead with reno’s and a city farmer’s market in the heart of Parkersburg.

The Li’l Red House and the Stone (Music & Art) House will be taken care of by Ed Sandoval, his girlfriend Mona and our newest addition to the team Ellis who has been working around the clock planting, hauling, fixing and watering.   Ellis came to us from Salt Lake City and had been following us for a while.  He came to the house when I got back and hasn’t left.  He’s going to be our maintenance guy for both properties.  We love his idea and creative solutions for our crazy layouts here, with regard to getting water and power to the MA House.   Between Ed, Mona, Ellis, Cory and my main man Glen Burke we’re in good hands.  (more…)

Montgomery sings for OTR

November 20th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Montgomery - (Comments Off on Montgomery sings for OTR)
Richard Lee High Students-Choir

Just convinced a choir group of young men to sing in McDonald’s and it was fab!  Thank you to Richard E. Lee Highschool, in Montgomery.  There are now 6 young people who know of occupy and Bradley Manning.

Posted tonight by message to us:  We are grateful to have meet you and Ray…I believe in the same thing your organization believes in…right now I’m trying to install a program for us seniors at my school to reach out to our freshmans and lower classmates and let them know how important they are and how much they impact our lives…we will be fascinated and honored to help you and assist you to help build….and stop this crazy economy from tearing us down! (more…)

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza-Vigil in NYC

October 7th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vigil - (Comments Off on Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza-Vigil in NYC)

On this day we gathered in Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza in downtown NYC on Waters St. The vigil started around 6 pm and when we arrived around 5 ish there were a few scattered vets mingling. As we approached and introduced ourselves (Janet, Diane & Donny) we met Watermellon Slim (William P. Homans) from Mississippi among a few others. He, as it turns out would end up spending the night with us on the “V”. Slim was a bugle trumpet player in the army. He was quick to pull out his harmonica and play us a little taps. Excellent job! As more people joined in we noticed the canopies were being erected and since the threat of rain loomed, equipment stored under for safety. Speakers were set up as well as microphones, etc. and appeared very organized with Ellen Davidson & Tarak Kauff. Just after 6 pm the ceremony started with words from Mike Ferner and lead to many more speakers including Micah Turner who was apparently turning himself in before midnight as he was and had been AWOL for 30 days. He talked about the propaganda that was being spewed in Iraq & Afghanistan and that it was the reason for his leaving the army. (more…)