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Occupy S.E.R.C.O. (Gainesville, Fl)

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Stephen=property owner

We arrive around 2pm Friday to find a scattered few vehicles in a field dubbed parking area. A nice guy in a pick up was running people to the camp which was a very short walk down the dirt road. Upon arriving we were greeted by Stephen (who owns the property and was busy organizing) along with Karrie and Sarah who were manning the welcome tent, giving out maps and selling t-shirts. We wandered about the camp stolling down quaint pathways adorned with handmade wooden signs that specified names of tented areas. A small solar panel was set in the woods to allow some electricity and miniature lights were strung here and there. Stephens house was 2 floors built on cement stilts in the center of the wooded land. Bamboo was everywhere adorning the entrance to the camp itself. (more…)

Occupy Tampa – Again!

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We are back in Tampa since it was a short visit the first time (just doing the radio show on 88.5). We love it here because we can pull the RV in to the tent camp and have electricity and water :-). Our friends here are so nice and have made us feel right at home.
Yesterday was spent getting caught up on editing, etc. But during the day Janet managed to interview a few people and those were very moving stories. (more…)

Cape Canaveral, FL

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Quaint little town but no occupiers. Once, the hub of Interplanetary development, which is no longer in existence. Our stake was sold to Russia and 20,000 people laid off because of it. Space travel as an American Industry has been subcontracted out. NASA has been privatized like everything else. There’s still defense contractors from Cape Canaveral to Melbourne. The economy was hit hard here and many vacant buildings show tel tell signs. Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman are still in the vicinity hiring engineers but who are the building weaponry for? We were fortunate to attend a small market put on Mondays, Tuesday and Wed. from 11 to 5 pm where locals sell their products and some vegetables.

Edgar Giron (VP Operations/Propane Power Corp.)….you are amazing! During a propane fill up we met this wonderful man who knew first hand what it is like to be in a revolution. Edgar is from Guatemala originally and began participating in a peaceful movement. But, six months later it turned violent. After his friend was shot during the uprising he decided to take up arms himself and starting fighting.
The Guatemalan Civil War which ran from 1960-1996 began as a grassroots, popular movement to the rightist and military usurpation of civil government (state and public institutions). In 1944, the “October Revolutionaries” assumed government and instituted liberal economic reform benefiting and politically strengthening the civil and labor rights of the urban working class and the peasants.
Once he was recognized as a threat and pictures were taken of him so he could be captured and killed he tried to get help from the U.S. Embassy. When this failed he fled and crossed Mexico illegally. Once out of the Country he traveled to Egypt and other Countries landing in Canada for a while then become a citizen of the U.S. It was 8 years before he was allowed to go back to his home Country. During that time his father passed away and he was unable to attend the funeral
He has a daughter who lives in St. Thomas who attended Columbia University and is now working in the social service field.
Edgar came by the Newark Park early on and dropped tarps for the camp. The man is truly a revolutionary and supporter of the Occupy Movement. They stayed open after hours to make sure we got propane. A big shout out to Propane Power Corp. for being so awesome!

See you on the east coast

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The trip down the west coast looks awesome! the contacts and links can be reached, from all theway across the country good going!