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Spent one more night in Venice after Cory & Mel’s cell phones were stolen from their car.  Finding new phones and organizing on the fly needed an extra day so….we went to another GA where I took pictures of the wonderful outside garden area where Venice holds their meetings.  The setting is peaceful and tranquil.

Venice meetings are prompt, all votes on proposals are taken in a timely fashion and within an hour and a half the meeting was done start to finish.   While some wanted more speak time others had pressing things to do afterward.  Finding the right balance appears to be what most of the camps struggle with.   When people use the GA platform for things not related it makes for a long meeting and the risk is that some will eventually leave.  It’s important to keep on track, but also allow the less aggressive or less vocal to have time to share observations and thoughts, if they wish.

Because we are activists we tend to have strong feelings, strong personalities and are passionate about our cause.  With that we find the meetings are usually “occupied” by a few who love to talk or have control, so it is necessary to have good time keepers.   Our democratic process is about finding a balance and listening as much as talking all while keeping the big picture in mind.   After all, we’re all working toward the same goal(s).   It’s time to start working on solutions.   Let’s take all this energy and put it toward making this a better world.

Occupy Venice + West Hollywood

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We participated in Occupy Venice GA last night, where there was lots of networking on behalf of the movement. It’s amazing how much talent there is in each camp. One of our missions is working toward gaining more public access so that we can continue to spread word to the masses! It was really great to hear the Venice is working on producing 30 and 60 second spots to do exactly this.

OTR will be working with Todd (West Hollywood) and others to build an “Occupy Portal” – a place where all the Occupy’s can find each other, connect to individual Occupy websites, blog, ask questions, share videos and pictures. You’ll be able to see a “what’s happening” in each city with their calendars along with an area for sharing documents. We’re looking for anyone who would like to help build this site. Please send a message us with your contact information to if you have tech knowledge and we’ll set you up with Todd (L.A.) to start building :).

Occupy L.A. + Bradley Manning Protest

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Bradley Manning Vigil L.A.

The march for supporting Bradley Manning was held in Pershing Square, downtown L.A.  and was attended by a hundred or so people.  5 minutes into the march a person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask was arresting for being on the street for longer than it took the officer to reach over and grab him (now known as J-Walking).   The LAPD’s attempt to intimidate and harass protestors remains strong.  Later in the evening a candlelight vigil was held for Bradley and the street in front of the court house where many protestors lined the sidewalks and steps with signs.  It wasn’t long before scores of LAPD were present and performing the same antagonistic tactics.   By provoking an otherwise peaceful crowd, they managed to arrest 7 more people.   The area next to the Court House was home to the original park for the Occupy LA camp which was fenced off after the occupiers were evicted.  The protestors decided the fence was a great place to hang their signs.  The police for some reason weren’t going to allow it.   They found more ammunition to, yet again, round up the “terrorists”!   It was a disgusting display of oppression and civil rights violations.    I don’t think they got the memo “WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY…….WE ARE THE 99% AND SO ARE YOU!”