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Occupy New Port Richey

March 18th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in New Port Richey - (Comments Off on Occupy New Port Richey)

Occupy New Port asked us to join them for a GA (General Assembly)on Sunday so they could interview us livestream. They were very interested in finding out more about our mission and what we’ve heard, seen and are going to be doing. They provided lunch and proceeded to give us an update of their occupation. After a great afternoon in the park we headed back to Tampa for some down time while waiting for Bradley Manning supplies. (more…)

Last night after a very successful GA the occupiers of Phoenix were once again harassed by the police.  The only remaining canopy (not tent) was removed and all its contents taken as “evidence” for what ever reason no one knows.   Three members (two visiting from L.A.) were arrested.  The video kind of says it all.

Today was spent exchanges ideas, strategies for moving forward, and many creative direct actions that can be done in future.  A great bunch of committed occupiers who, like all of us, want to see a better Country.   We have joined forces with our brothers and sisters from Phoenix and will support them through our new Portal site where we’re just setting up the forums for each Occupy.  Next, the plan is to have information, commercials for Public Access TV, sound bites for radio blasting,  and documents that all the Occupy camps can utilize to spread the word to the general public.

We ask that each camp go in and register your occupy site on the forum and please give your feedback so we can make this the best possible resource.