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Who’s “V”? RV!

February 6th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Newark | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

Finally the finishing touches on the “V” and now we’re just about ready to roll.  Clark and Julia put the final few vinyls on the RV and we had a little celebration afterward.  After some financial meetings at OWS this week we hope to be off on the weekend and heading south to Florida.  We didn’t want to press our luck with the weather.   It’s been absolutely perfect while we’ve been here.   The north will have to wait until spring.  As long as funds provide the “V” will ride!


It was an event fit for a queen.  The “V” got a special parking space right on Broadway between 38 & 39th.  Couldn’t have been any better unless we rolled out the red carpet, pulled out the awning and threw a couple lawn chairs out.   We made the most of our prime real estate spot for Saturday evening and then  Sunday’s “No more war” rally in Times Square.   Handy that Matt (Janet’s nephew) worked at Starbucks on 41st and Broadway.   We definitely saw double takes,  jaws drop and many pictures snapped.   We love New York!  Who’s Streets?  Our Streets!  Who’s V?  RV!


Yesterday the “V” had a beauty treatment. That’s right…she was washed and is now ready for her make over. One side has been cleared and all posters will be adorning the door side of the V. Photo’s will be coming soon. We also gave her some new oil and a filter. It appears she was in dire need of some grease too …oops. Big shout out to the the guys (more info to come with pics) who worked on her and made us feel so welcome. Now she’s rock’n for the next 40 to 50 cities. We will be setting up livestream on the “V” because the best conversation are taking place on there and we want you to be part of it. Looking forward to meeting all the folks who have yet to be part of the OTR tour.

Having said that, we’ll be staying in NY for a while longer because there’s a huge project under way, of which OTR will be part. It’s time to kick this movement into phase II. Get ready for the tidal wave in spring! Every city will join this force to push back. Our statement WILL be made louder and WILL be heard.

There are way too many people who still do not know what the “Occupy” movement stands for, so we must educate (use your “What is..document”). While we are all sympathetic to the needs of the homeless we must fix the bigger problem not just bandaid for a few months. The system needs to CHANGE. It will take all of us, and all our focus, so don’t get sidetracked. Anyone willing to be more involved please let OTR know so we can connect you to USA Assembly….coming soon.

We are still working on Occupying a School. All of you who who have shown interest will be contacted once we find space. We are, and will continue to do, amazing things. This is the example we set. Build it and they will come…..

Occupy Congress, WA DC

January 17th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in WA D.C. - (0 Comments)

After a great evening GA (which included circling helicopter–expensive?) at the monument, it rained through the night and into mid morning, then miraculously the sun broke through and it was warm and sunny for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Thousands gathered on the Capital Building lawn to fight back against the money and corruption in politics. Various Occupations converged and hugged as they found one another. Representation from coast to coast! At noon the DC GA started which informed everyone of the days events. There were some great signs, music, silk screening, some arrests and way too many cops. For some apparent reason the cops lined both sides of a walkway leading up to the Capital and this encouraged a group of activists to storm the lower walls taunting the police, singing funny songs and making like they were going to run across in droves. Only a few, including Heron, made the decision to run for it and then were subsequently arrested and put through a grueling ordeal which he will tell shortly. It seemed so ridiculous since anyone could have just walked around to the other side without incident. Nevertheless, it was felt that the “cat and mouse” game was done on purpose to arrest those who might be a threat later in the day….good call not to fall victim. However, having been there and ready to run myself it sure was tempting! I must say I don’t think I could do “face down on the ground with plastic handcuffs and ankle shackles” very well. All the while yelling….”YOUR NOT THE BOSS OF ME!” However, it would make good TV. (more…)

Occupy Raleigh, NC

January 13th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps | Raleigh - (0 Comments)

We arrived in Raleigh, NC last night and once again met with the sweetest people.

Occupy camps are filled with the BEST! We want to give a BIG shout out & thanks for all of you across the Country who are putting up with the weather and police to uphold the OCCUPY movement for those who cannot or choose not to be outside. Your commitment to the CAUSE is one of true dedication and we wouldn’t be here without you! You make us all proud and we love you.

Last night we were honored to have lots of Occupy Raleigh’s finest, who came and went as the night went on.  Just before winding down Jeremy Gilchrist broke out the guitar and played us his (now famous since playing on BBC) song called “we are the 99%”.  We will post a link to his site as well as post the video from last night.   Thanks for making us so welcome in this great (albeit Conservative) city!

Occupy Tucson-GA 12-30-11

December 30th, 2011 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps | Tucson - (0 Comments)

What a great welcome Tucson! Lots of yahoos, horays and thumbs up as the OccuMobile rolled up. Once again we’re surrounded with new friends and we learn new things.   We’re so very fortunate that we are able to unite the Occupy’s in a way that “on-line” cannot. We look forward to meeting at the library tomorrow where we’ll meet more Tucsonites!

Reconciliation meeting was illuminating, informative and like all GA’s filled with passion and somewhat exhausting conversation monopolized by a few who are relentless at monopolizing the floor.   But, this is what democracy is and then some.  Afterward the group had a little fun and came together for a great group photo.  We celebrated our differences with a wonderful meal provided by some nice people, movie in the park, some great solution based conversations and ringing in the New Year with whistles and chants.

Once again some new life long friends who will  keep the movement alive in Tucson as we head back on the roads.   Thanks to everyone who made us feel so welcome and for all the shared stories.


Occupy Phoenix

Last night after a very successful GA the occupiers of Phoenix were once again harassed by the police.  The only remaining canopy (not tent) was removed and all its contents taken as “evidence” for what ever reason no one knows.   Three members (two visiting from L.A.) were arrested.  The video kind of says it all.

Today was spent exchanges ideas, strategies for moving forward, and many creative direct actions that can be done in future.  A great bunch of committed occupiers who, like all of us, want to see a better Country.   We have joined forces with our brothers and sisters from Phoenix and will support them through our new Portal site where we’re just setting up the forums for each Occupy.  Next, the plan is to have information, commercials for Public Access TV, sound bites for radio blasting,  and documents that all the Occupy camps can utilize to spread the word to the general public.

We ask that each camp go in and register your occupy site on the forum and please give your feedback so we can make this the best possible resource.

OTR Meets Ashland + Medford

November 29th, 2011 | Posted by David in Ashland | Medford | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

We were sitting on a lot wondering how to get hold of occupiers when a young man walking by, stopped to give us information.  We were quite grateful and soon were in meetings.  Lots and lots of meetings at the cafe where people from Medford came to meet us in Ashland.   We exchanged stories and looked at new ways of doing things.

Occupy Seattle

November 10th, 2011 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps | Seattle - (0 Comments)

Amazing reception from our Occupy camp in Seattle.   We were toured through the camp and shown some wonderful art and creative dwellings.  Thank you to Jenny and Jordon for taking time with us.   Thanks to Rhianna for awesome video of occupiers in Seattle.

Jenny & Craig

Occupy Seattle-Aeron

special friends