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Music House #2

We’ve been busy working on our music house.  The OTR Foundation has 3 houses that were donated on the Eastside (812, 816 & 824 E 5th St.) of Pueblo.  We’re using these spaces to ensure youth have a stress free – safe place to go where they enjoy a few things that schools may not offer.   Our aim is to give kids something fun to do and at the same time expose them to things that they might find their passion.   Rather than work at minimum wage jobs it would be nice to see them build a career doing what they love.  We’ll expose kids to more music, art and media.  We’re creating a space where young people can learn, play and mentor each other.  The original Pueblo House is finished, but we have so much stuff (and a whole lot of musical instruments) inside, we’ve run out of room.  Renovations are finalizing on the music house and with all the construction, we’ve not had the time (or space) to run programs.  The music house will be our main focus until spring when we will open the space for music jams & lessons.  The original Pueblo House (816 E 5th) will be turned into a games room, library and be our art space with lessons by local artists. (more…)

Occupy the dog house, help?

February 18th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House - (Comments Off on Occupy the dog house, help?)
Kimbo pretending to work

Today Kimbo and I got to catch up on a little administration in between “in and out” guests on the “V”.   We did our best to knuckle down to some serious FB updating, picture uploading, grant writing, accounting and follow up phone calls.  Kimbo wasn’t quite as productive as he lead me to believe he would be.  I constantly felt the need to oversee his work or lack thereof.  Each time I’d catch a glimpse of him slacking off, taking too many breaks and just dog on taking advantage of production time.  Finally I had to draw a line in the sand where he decided to lay down.  He had too many bone of contentions (of the rawhide form) so finally we just decided to head to the yard and fetch for a while.   Tomorrow I’m going to be more strict about those constant breaks he takes.   Right now he’s snoring and I’m still working.