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Why our education & schools gets a failing grade!

March 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Denver | Education | Education Interviews | Pueblo - (Comments Off on Why our education & schools gets a failing grade!)

We attended a meeting last night @ CSU with “Losing Ground” by Rocky Mountain PBS, who talked about the increasing drop out rate, the increased teen pregnancy and what’s happening with cutbacks in education. There are teachers around the Country, who like me, believe in better schools, less testing and programs that enhance (or at least work with) a child’s natural ability. Instead of making everyone the same, we should be embracing skills on every level. There are teachers who are very interested in helping with the process of building better schools and programs. I think we should ‘occupy’ a school and show exactly how it should and could be done. Just so happens there is a school here, not far from our Pueblo House that would be perfect. You can bet I’ll be checking into this! Let’s “occupy a school!”

In the meantime we’ll be visiting Denver and talking to some high school students, who know full well what the issues are surrounding our education system today. By documenting the conversations of our young people we can shed light on the inequities, challenges, financial restraints and road blocks. The ever widening gap between whites, blacks and latino’s is causing concern about whether the status quo can be sustained and if so at what cost? Young people are dropping out of school and that’s sad. We feel the standardized testing, which only proves good memory is part of the problem. We need change and we need it now. So we intend to be quite involved in conversations and actions around education.

Well, the few of us that did show up for WA D.C.’s remember, remember day, did a great job protesting. We just needed at least 2000 more people! The cops were great (allowing us to march down the middle of the streets) right up until near the end @ Goldman Saks (who must have paid them well) when they drowned out our voices with their childish playing on their motorcycle sirens and running the engines full throttle while going in circles. What was that all about? We marched, we stated truths and we got attention. We used the day to voice our concerns to “what appeared to be many uninterested people!” Sad but true! Apathy is alive and well in America. (more…)

Occupy Finlay Lake, NY (also members of Occupy Erie)

June 9th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Erie | Finlay Lake - (Comments Off on Occupy Finlay Lake, NY (also members of Occupy Erie))

We arrived around 8 pm on Sat. and had a gathering at Elspeth and Russ’s place where we met some truly awesome people. No shortage of great folks in the Occupy Movement! We shared stories and got updates on things happening in and around Erie. The fracking is an issue here like so many other places. (more…)