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Today Rebecca picked up Crystal and I then drove out to the start of the BLM rally where we ran into Bill PerryKevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers among others who showed their support today.

There were about 10,000 people in FDR Park tonight, spread out over a huge area. They marched from city hall once again and with a mix of heat and angst tensions were high but still the crowd remained peaceful. Some inside bickering about candidates, corruption and feelings of giving up and taking back the “arena”.  After seeing some of the speeches tonight (more…)

Occupy Philly-NATGAT

June 30th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in NATGAT | Philadelphia - (Comments Off on Occupy Philly-NATGAT)

We’re finally here in Philly. The trip was made with ease and songs sung, art made and good conversations until we found everyone sound asleep in the back. It had been a long night and some of us only getting to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. With sleep deprivation and incredible heat wave we forged our way to Philly. It was decided among a few of us (when we heard from Chris Wambaugh of Kalamazoo, MI) that we would meet, them from DC and us from Newark so we could make our grand entrance together. (more…)

Last stop before Philly and what a stop it was. We entered Newark with the usual fanfare and got a very welcoming reception. For Tino and Tony it was like coming home since this is where the last 5 months started for Tino especially who’s spent that whole time on the “V”. We gathered in the park, shared food and stories. Clark from WikiLeaksTruck was there as was Julia from Vinylated. Both of whom were responsible for the Bradley Manning WikiLeaks graphics on the RV. It was 5 months ago we were outside in the cold on a Newark side street under a street light putting vinyl on the “V”. Awesome time! Now months later and over 9,000 miles more we’re back. After eating lunch we made some buttons for OTR, Newark and Anonymous. (more…)

After roaming around downtown last night we were unable to find any occupiers but we did attract (once again) some police who noticed us right away. It was about 7:30 when we arrived and we didn’t know if there was a camp. Every time we stopped to set up the navigator a cop car was there to move us on. Some passerby told us the camp had been closed down. We were tired and hungry so went for a nice dinner.

Philadelphia was founded 1682 by William Penn and served as the temporary capital of the United States. Philly the city of “Brotherly Love” sure didn’t exhibit that in their actions toward the protesters!

This “Land of Liberty bell” which rang at first public reading of the “Declaration of Independence” on July 8, 1776, symbolized freedom of the U.S. However, this beacon of what democracy should be, is anything but that. Stated across the top of the bell is: “Proclaim Liberty Throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof”. A slight hypocritical? It appears the Occupiers do not have that right “in this land of the free”. Home of Benjamin Franklin one of the founding fathers! From what I read he sounds like a true 1%’r!

We parked for the night and called it a day hoping to catch up with some occupiers the next day. I found out the General Assembly was being held at 6:30 tonight. I met some great people who gathered at the Archer United Church. Pics below.