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Parkersburg on hold while IRS play politics for 501c3 status

September 24th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in OTR - new HQ | Parkersburg - (Comments Off on Parkersburg on hold while IRS play politics for 501c3 status)
Unfortunately we didn’t get to finalize any agreement in Parkersburg since our 501c3 hasn’t been approved. The agent at the IRS has said we don’t educate enough, when all we do is educate the masses as we travel!   This person also called the Occu Cards (used to give information) evil! We are fighting back with the help of a tax advocate and a Senator from Colorado. In the meantime and since the property owner is not willing to work with us until such time as we do have it, we are all heading to Pueblo where we can begin to build our network for change. As much as we’d have like things to progress in Parkersburg the situation became about money as everything does. So when people say they WANT to help the movement, but put up many roadblocks, then make it about money (knowing we haven’t any) they basically become part of the system and therefore feed the problem.

We were not afraid to bring “Occupy” to Parkersburg even though some felt we wouldn’t be welcome there. We felt is was probably the BEST place to be, since the people there are poor and ignorant of fact, as evidenced from the many I interviewed while there. Between the Oil Company’s fracking and the C8 water problem from Dow Chemical their health is being jeopardized. But it appears not everyone has the guts to take on the system, the establishment, or face controversy, for fear of being targeted. The movement is not for the “weak at heart”. Those of us who know that things will continue to get worse, do not back down in the face of the naysayers.  (more…)

Our new HQ in Parkersburg

September 12th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in OTR - new HQ | Parkersburg - (Comments Off on Our new HQ in Parkersburg)
For the last couple days we’ve been working on our new HQ in Parkersburg, WV.  After stocking up on cleaning solutions and scouring pads we donned our mops and gloves then hit the building running. The floor (2nd) is in great shape except for the stairwell which is peeling badly and will need to be scraped.  The main floor has a commercial kitchen, bar/restaurant area, open large gathering or dining room, offices and lots more.  That floor will need to be cleaned and organized.
We plan to have quite a few people working, staying and strategizing from this location. There will be a media team, sustainability team, solutions group, art & music group, direct action, and education branch for documentaries and movie nights. A group will come together on Sept. 19/20 (after we get back from N.Y.) to put democracy in action. (more…)

Parkersburg H.Q. well on its way!

March 8th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Parkersburg - (Comments Off on Parkersburg H.Q. well on its way!)

The Parkersburg project, it is going very well. Larry (building owner) has been absolutely wonderful and has the same vision. He’s been active long before Occupy started and is very involved.

The evening of the day we arrived (Wed.) Debra had already sent an email out to all and by 3pm the next day pulled together a very important meeting where we sat with The Development Director, Chief Building Inspector, Zoning & Code Enforcement, City Engineer, Office of Development,  Capt. of the Fire Dept, and the Mayor himself.  Apparently the city is VERYinterested in utilizing this building for a downtown Farmers Market (because the trial one they had under a tent had proven quite successful).  They want a permanent site where farmers could have use of the walk in cooler downstairs.  Together we discussed various options….  trying to figure out how the funding would work, what days the markets would run and how much space would be needed.   We talked about utilizing the huge kitchen and allotting hours so bread could be made and sold and then have vendors selling cheese, etc.  Right now there is no place to buy fresh anything downtown.  We also talked about other goods like jars and cans of organic foods.   We would provide the space and let the vendors utilize the equipment for a small price.  There is a huge working force downtown too as many are State and City employees. (more…)

Opportunity for a central HQ

February 7th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Parkersburg - (Comments Off on Opportunity for a central HQ)

Hey all you activists? Those serious “get it done” activists who want to be part of something big! We have an opportunity to occupy a very huge heritage building, in the middle of downtown in a town near the southern Ohio border. We’re going to occupy, retail space, loft apartments and offices, totaling 12,000 sq ft. But the stipulation is that EVERYONE is a worker. No loafers or transients! Free accommodations if you’re prepared to give 40+ hrs a week of admin, media, tech support, web design, organizing, outreach, or something that will benefit the group as a whole. There will be a screening process to ensure it doesn’t become a hostel. Seriously! We must ensure we have the brightest, techie savvy, media smart people who can help us create change via think tank, collaboration, consensus and vision. We’re being given an opportunity to make a difference…together. Please email with a brief description of what you can offer. The first meeting will be in March with Janet and the owner of the building. Make the leap! Be the change you believe is possible!