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Back in New Jersey! Heading to NY tomorrow

October 5th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Newark - (Comments Off on Back in New Jersey! Heading to NY tomorrow)

Finally arrived in Newark around 5 pm and had dinner with Clark and Julia. Get to be back. Looking forward to seeing everyone while we’re here and especially joining the Vets for Peace and the Anti-War prostest on Oct. 7th ( Sunday) at Veitnam’s Memorial Park in NYC. (more…)

Last stop before Philly and what a stop it was. We entered Newark with the usual fanfare and got a very welcoming reception. For Tino and Tony it was like coming home since this is where the last 5 months started for Tino especially who’s spent that whole time on the “V”. We gathered in the park, shared food and stories. Clark from WikiLeaksTruck was there as was Julia from Vinylated. Both of whom were responsible for the Bradley Manning WikiLeaks graphics on the RV. It was 5 months ago we were outside in the cold on a Newark side street under a street light putting vinyl on the “V”. Awesome time! Now months later and over 9,000 miles more we’re back. After eating lunch we made some buttons for OTR, Newark and Anonymous. (more…)

Who’s “V”? RV!

February 6th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Newark | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

Finally the finishing touches on the “V” and now we’re just about ready to roll.  Clark and Julia put the final few vinyls on the RV and we had a little celebration afterward.  After some financial meetings at OWS this week we hope to be off on the weekend and heading south to Florida.  We didn’t want to press our luck with the weather.   It’s been absolutely perfect while we’ve been here.   The north will have to wait until spring.  As long as funds provide the “V” will ride!

Edgar Giron (VP Operations/Propane Power Corp.)….you are amazing! During a propane fill up we met this wonderful man who knew first hand what it is like to be in a revolution. Edgar is from Guatemala originally and began participating in a peaceful movement. But, six months later it turned violent. After his friend was shot during the uprising he decided to take up arms himself and starting fighting.
The Guatemalan Civil War which ran from 1960-1996 began as a grassroots, popular movement to the rightist and military usurpation of civil government (state and public institutions). In 1944, the “October Revolutionaries” assumed government and instituted liberal economic reform benefiting and politically strengthening the civil and labor rights of the urban working class and the peasants.
Once he was recognized as a threat and pictures were taken of him so he could be captured and killed he tried to get help from the U.S. Embassy. When this failed he fled and crossed Mexico illegally. Once out of the Country he traveled to Egypt and other Countries landing in Canada for a while then become a citizen of the U.S. It was 8 years before he was allowed to go back to his home Country. During that time his father passed away and he was unable to attend the funeral
He has a daughter who lives in St. Thomas who attended Columbia University and is now working in the social service field.
Edgar came by the Newark Park early on and dropped tarps for the camp. The man is truly a revolutionary and supporter of the Occupy Movement. They stayed open after hours to make sure we got propane. A big shout out to Propane Power Corp. for being so awesome!

Occupy Newark

January 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Newark | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

City of Newark has lots of history behind it. The Occupy camp was set up Nov. 18th after OWS was shut down. NAVC (North Anti Violent Coalition) set them up in Military Park and showed them how to take over the park. The police came that night at 3am to try and get them out. Councilman (Ras Baraka) said they didn’t have to leave. The Chief of Police then told the police to leave them alone and that was the last time they were harassed. An ordinance was voted on by the city to let them stay in the park. Mayor Booker approached them about using power on Jan. 6th (Occupy exposes Corey Booker [Mayor] is on YouTube) said they were basically stealing it. Occupy Newark offered to pay for the use. So far the power for heaters has stayed on. They were recently given money from OWS to help support the camp. Very kind and supportive group who welcomed the “v” with open arms.