Economic & Social Justice

Arrived in Portland Maine around 8 pm and spent the next 4 hours downtown on Congress St. with the “V” parked just adjacent to the Occupy Office space. Wow…what a draw the “V’ was with people coming and going constantly. It was great to get to know the people of Portland and learn a little history from Herb (local politician and history teacher) who happened to drop by as well. While visiting the Portland office we were graced with 3 gals from other cities, Chicago, New Haven being two. (more…)

Occupy Kennebunkport

June 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Kennebunkport - (0 Comments)

June 22 – We arrived and are now occupying the very long driveway of Laurie in Kennebunkport. This is an amazing property with so much character and feeling of love and warmth. From the beautiful gardens surrounding the house to that awesome barn/workshop/recreation area we feel right at home. The occupiers have made us feel very welcome here and helped us out with electricity as soon as we arrived. Their GA was just ending and all were gathered around the circle area. The usual …WOW that’s so cool….when they saw the “V” for the first time. (more…)