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Our friends from Ft. Collins are visiting and lending a hand

September 24th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House - (Comments Off on Our friends from Ft. Collins are visiting and lending a hand)

We’re happy to have our friends from Fort Collins visiting and lending a hand to get Pueblo House one step closer to completion.   Sunday the gang arrived around 4ish.  Dave, Zach and Graham came to help us with sanding floors and framing the livingroom.  Dave is a strong activist in Ft. Collins and very astute with regard to politics.  His most recent protest was on A.L.E.C just this past Saturday.  Tino & Rachel were there to cover the story. (more…)

We were fortunate enough to be invited to Melanie Schure’s graduation. A special treat given we lent our Guy Fawkes mask to her for a little fun during the ceremony. Throwing caution to the wind Mel let her inner Anonymous take flight and we have the pictures to prove it. Way to go Mel and congrats from us on the “V” for making another monumental moment in Fort Collins!  We wish you all the best in your future endeavors! (more…)

Fort Collins decided it wants to move the Football stadium to the University area.  But, they have a beautiful stadium now set in a gorgeous setting in the side of the foothills with an incredible amount of land they could “occupy” to expand if they wanted to.  But, they’ve decided to spend millions moving the stadium to the Colorado State University where they will totally destroy and eliminate a very functional garden space where the community has been doing great things. (more…)

May 3,

The “V” is full of passers by and we’re having an great conversation and education session. They now LOVE Occupy & understand about Bradley! The best visits are absolutely the spontaneous ones.

Today we met Steve & Rebecca and had some beautiful artwork donated and put on the “V” :-).   Then we visited with Arnet and his two sons who shared beautiful stories and then gave us some speakers for the “V” so we can blast some tunes on our next parade/march. (more…)

What a scream today as we sat outside the Coloradoan News Paper. We thought that when we parked in their empty parking lot, they might come out to ask what the 31 ft of billboard and wiki is all about. But, natta! In fact when we went in after 1/2 an hour and told them of our mission they politely said “If anything happens tomorrow (May 1 General Strike) we may cover that. So we sat outside and when a nice lady came along who was curious about us we interviewed her only to find an amazing story. That will go up later. (more…)