Economic & Social Justice

Perhaps a good start to raise our voices in a city that is not listening to its people, would be to hold the “Occupy National Gathering – NATGAT” here in Pueblo and fill downtown with tents, tarps and plenty of houseless people holding signs on every corner, especially along that beautiful (old people’s walk called “The Riverwalk”),    We could fill the grassy slopes (that Pueblo is trying to sell off in exchange for more concrete) with our messages of “occupy”.   Let’s disrupt the downtown core for a month or so and let them know exactly how we feel about them ignoring the poor in this city, which is about 1/2 the population. A new survey released shows 84% of Pueblo is moderate to low income, yet there’s no bus service after 6 pm and the bus terminal (used for Greyhound stops to Denver) locks all their doors, so bus loads of people, who are stopping over in Pueblo have no access to a bathroom or vending machine. The city is run by those with money, so why do they care if people can get home from their min. wage job at midnight?   Apparently this city doesn’t care if people are walking home in unsafe neighborhoods, late at night.   I’m calling out to all my occupy friends across the Nation to see about hosting the National Gathering here in Pueblo.  We have houses and empty lots ..and perhaps we can get churches and other buildings willing to help put people up. If anyone thinks this is a good idea let me know. I think it would be absolutely beautiful myself. Let’s disrupt some very comfortable lives in Pueblo! How do you think they’d like being made uncomfortable?

This might be the start of a yearly thing where we pick cities that have lots of poverty and hold our National Gatherings there to elevate their voices and demand change!   Get in touch if you think you might like to host or help host this years in Pueblo, Colorado.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving?

October 14th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Toronto Ontario | War Resisters-FrontLine - (Comments Off on Happy Canadian Thanksgiving?)

The “V” has left Toronto. It was only 3pm so I drove for a while as the highway was moving great and then without warning a sadness filled me and tears started rolling down my cheeks, as I thought about the weekend, the conversations of war, the hurt endured, and young innocent lives ruined. Behind me, were all my newly made friends, some of whom will be leaving to go back to their Countries, but for some that luxury does not exist, as they are forced to be in Canada as war resisters/deserters.

I am sad that we live in a world where our government doesn’t think about how many young people’s lives they ruin because those kids are seeing things that 20 years olds should not be witnessing. I think about the families torn apart, and maybe because it’s Thanksgiving today, I’m thinking of all the families who are together for dinner and wonder if they think about the ones who (more…)

Where we are going & where we have been….

November 30th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps - (Comments Off on Where we are going & where we have been….)

Cap. Ray Lewis joined OTR from Nov. 11 until Nov. 28th.  During which time we visited Raleigh (for the 2nd time) where Jeremy Gilchrist gave us an “On the V” music session.   Afterward, we visit Columbia, SC where I interviewed Vennie Deas Moore (historian) and got caught up on what was happening there.  We then attended the “School of Americas” in Fort Benning, GA, participating in the protest against torture technique (enhanced interrogation) training.   There, we met and interviewed an ex-CIA official (Jeff) and Louis Wolf founder of “Covert Action Quarterly” magazine.   Our final stop was Mobile, Al where Ray had his RV repaired (after hitting a deer on the way to Frederick) and while having some down time we had some wonderful in depth talks and educated ourselves with documentaries.   One night we decided to watch the old 1950’s movie “Grapes of Wrath” which made me realize…. things are the same many, many years later, sadly! (more…)

Last night after a very successful GA the occupiers of Phoenix were once again harassed by the police.  The only remaining canopy (not tent) was removed and all its contents taken as “evidence” for what ever reason no one knows.   Three members (two visiting from L.A.) were arrested.  The video kind of says it all.

Today was spent exchanges ideas, strategies for moving forward, and many creative direct actions that can be done in future.  A great bunch of committed occupiers who, like all of us, want to see a better Country.   We have joined forces with our brothers and sisters from Phoenix and will support them through our new Portal site where we’re just setting up the forums for each Occupy.  Next, the plan is to have information, commercials for Public Access TV, sound bites for radio blasting,  and documents that all the Occupy camps can utilize to spread the word to the general public.

We ask that each camp go in and register your occupy site on the forum and please give your feedback so we can make this the best possible resource.