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Occupy Atlanta, GA

January 9th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Atlanta | Occupy Camps - (Comments Off on Occupy Atlanta, GA)

Atlanta, Georgia
A community member named Patrick spoke to me about the forming of the town of Atlanta, and how it came to pass. He mentioned that western Rail Road wanted to create a “terminus” at Decatur, Georgia, seven miles east of downtown Atlanta. The town was moved to a very small settlement near peach tree ridge. What was an old Indian trail is now Peach Tree Street). This is an old practice, that was very common place throughout the united states at some time, where native foot paths were cleared, widened, and turned into primary roads, which broadened out to be corridors that cities where eventually built around the regions. Subsequently, the burial grounds of the indigenous and their culture where placed under cement and asphalt, which is rediscovered during excavation practices. At best, they are documented and moved, or kept for show. At worst, protocol is avoided, and the remains are desecrated, and plundered through, then forgotten about, post destruction.
The railroad surveyors dropped the mark at “zero mile post” located near Decatur st, Alabama St., and Peachtree St., up around what came to be 3RR town of “Terminous”, later renamed Marthasville after the current GA Governor (at the time), some later years the name was changed to Atlanta.

The community of Atlanta is quite vast, yet many overlapping civil rights groups come together for the common good. We attended rally — “to bring awareness to those on death row”. During this march, several speakers shared their concerns on ending the cycle of violence perpetuated against the people who are falsely accused, and requesting an appeal prior to their execution date. The battle for this event seemed to be, “everyone deserves a second chance.” With this, there is a movement to talk to the representatives in Georgia, while organizing and finding solutions to broaden the issue and discuss other obvious social concerns.
A reverend for the area spoke, “God attempted to put us back in the battle in small numbers, that have been whittled down and thinned out.” He spoke about himself being a faithful Gideon soldier, who would be exemplary, by hanging on til the end, through rally’s and numbers, holding strong to the ideology of “Know Justice, Know Peace”. He said, “none of it matters, unless it culminates, is honed, and turned into focus.” He said “the powers that seek to manipulate and divide the people hope we wont come back to the ballot box to vote”.
According to the Reverend, the police kill poor kids, with whatever excuse in mind, on behalf of mandates by the police chief, who take their orders from the mayor, and others who get back into office and do it again, because social change does not follow through to its end. We are the missing link in that facilitation process.
The Occupiers in Atlanta are holding strong and we admire their tenacity in the face of such oppression. We will be your voice around the world. (Heron, edited by Janet)