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Occupy Albany

June 21st, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Albany - (Comments Off on Occupy Albany)

June 18

Lots of cool stuff going on here. We arrived to their downtown indoor space and was very impressed with the location and space. We managed to get parking right out in front amazingly enough. We greeted people as they walked by and at times had several people on the “V”, and around the “V” talking to us. It was so great to be in the center of it all. After interviewing a few people about what had been happening in Albany we decided to just stay the night. Having both electricity and WiFi were a big plus. At around midnight we were just settling down for the night when a couple of college punks decided our power cord was just too tempting and they stole it right from under us (while in use). Then we heard a guy who lived in the apt. below (more…)

Friday finds us in Greeley once again. We packed up the “V” with our Fort Collins friends and headed off to help support the Friday Fracking Protestors. Brandi and Tino worked hard on the banner (initially intended to be dropped but technical difficulties prevailed) which adorned the protest. Brandi also made a cool Mother Earth costume and stand up cardboard house to remind everyone that the earth is fragile and fracking goes against everything we know to be right. (more…)