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Heidelberg Project in Detroit-Eye Candy

August 19th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Detroit | Detroiters-Resisting Emergency Management | Emergency Management - (Comments Off on Heidelberg Project in Detroit-Eye Candy)
Today I met the guy who started the “Heidelberg Project”. I went to the office first where I met Amanda who gave me some information and allowed me to take a couple pictures of the front office. Yes, it’s a full time business now with 3 full-time staff.  She then suggested that I walk around the project as opposed to driving through because there’s so much to see.  I parked the “V” on the main road and walked until I met up with a wonderful older lady who told me she was a teachers assistant and knew the artist. As we were talking she pointed to a truck a driving in a said, “that’s the guy who made all this”. (more…)

Detroiter’s Resist Emergency Management – DREM

July 30th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Detroit | Emergency Management | Petco & EMT - (Comments Off on Detroiter’s Resist Emergency Management – DREM)

I was later than expected leaving because the tree I was hugging in the driveway of my aunts took a few posters as I was leaving.  The that great Can to USA border crossing totally blew me away.  Nothing compared to when I came over that same Ambassador Bridge around 10 pm almost a month earlier, and was immediately surrounded by border patrol and 2 cars with flashing lights.   That time, I was searched on the U.S. side and the Canadian side thoroughly.   So, I wasn’t expecting that this time 4 border patrol officers would  stroll up, come in and say, “wow this is something” as they stared at all the “stuff” hanging around the windows.  Then, two stayed on and we talked about all the different issues in the Country.  One was so well versed he was telling me stuff. They didn’t check any of my belongings, or search anything, just kept reading all the things on the walls. It was hardly believable.  One Mr. McDonald laughed when I asked their names.  Should I be worried that it was so easy?  Maybe they were remotely downloading all my data as they chatted me up?    I was in Detroit by 1:15 and was anxious to hear the Bradley Manning verdict.  As soon as I got to the coffee shop and could get wifi I saw that the “Aiding the Enemy” charge had been dropped but 19 0r 20 other charges held.   I got to meet some great people at  Coffee Con Leche  and we talked about the issues of Detroit which were 1) the Emergency Management takeover and possible bankruptcy and also 2) the Pet Coke that was sitting on the waterfront making people sick.  (more…)