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Paint brushes, scrapers and sandpaper!

May 11th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House - (Comments Off on Paint brushes, scrapers and sandpaper!)

The house is busy with volunteers as we inch our way closer to finalizing the “lil red house”.   Our walls are being painted, kitchen cabinets, some furnishings and windows being put in place of nasty old boards that have hidden this little treasure for some time.  Between James & Darla, Ed, Tom, Jack, Cory, Rob & I we’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  We’ll have more professional help this coming week to finish drywall, plaster and shower so we can get this little gem “occupied”.  Been a long stretch and it will be a great anniversary present to be done by June 12th with glorious gardens in the back. (more…)

Today was for the kids, for art & music and for a world we dream of….

May 4th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Cinco de Mayo | Pueblo | Pueblo House - (Comments Off on Today was for the kids, for art & music and for a world we dream of….)
Best Cinco de Mayo…..
Alais Clay & Wandering Monks celebrated with us @ Pueblo House and performed live in a concert that was rock’n the neighborhood. Thank you for making this day very special. You inspire us to be the change! Your lyrics are so profound.
The kids had a great time and we thank everyone who came out.   We now have a picket fence ready to put across the front of our very special house for art & music and all the things that make us feel good in a world that has so much wrong….we are the change we want to see. (more…)

Alais Clay & Wandering Monks, here for “Cinco de Mayo”

April 20th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Cinco de Mayo | Pueblo | Pueblo House - (Comments Off on Alais Clay & Wandering Monks, here for “Cinco de Mayo”)
Join us friday night May 3rd (7:00 pm) at PCC @  outdoor amphitheater for live entertainment by Alais Clay (from Boulder) brought to you by Occupy the Roads, Pueblo House.
The event is to create awareness on the importance of keeping the Arts & Music programs alive.  If you miss us at Pueblo Community College you can join us on May 4th at the corner of 5th & Hudson.  We hope everyone will join us as we honor those who have helped by volunteering or providing services or goods and to celebrate our grand opening for “Pueblo House”.   (more…)

Had a knock on the “V” around 9:30 and opened the door to two officers asking about “activity” going on in the alley.  I told them the only activity I see is me taking Kayla for a doggie walk before bed.  It’s been relatively quiet, or I’m a very heavy sleeper.  Lots of questions were asked and normally I wouldn’t feel a need to answer them, but I liked these two guys and I want to think they get what we’re doing.  They mentioned having a meeting with Luis Velez (Chief of Police) about doing some work together, especially with the kids. The more we support one another the better off we’ll be.  We should try to figure out what the needs of the community are, or what needs to be done and work on it together.  There’s no doubt we’re in an area that needs something.  But we think it’s something different, something around music, art and things that make everyone feel they’re a part of the community.  We also think it should be engaging and inclusive of the (more…)