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Occupy Taos and the Earthships

April 12th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Taos - (Comments Off on Occupy Taos and the Earthships)

April 14

Just leaving Blanca CO, and finally able to get WiFi after 2 days! Good thing because we were having withdrawal attacks. We did get to the see the property and are now analyzing our needs to see if this will work for our ‘off the grid’ project. We have some homework to do and need internet to do it, so we’re heading to Pueblo on route to Denver.

April 13

In the evening I attended a meeting for sustainable earth who were doing an event for the movie Thrive. I missed the meeting because we had people aboard the “V” until 7:30 but managed to catch two people who hadn’t left yet. The gentleman gave me some information regarding a few websites to visit that pertained to sustained living and how we (as people) can remove ourselves from being slaves to Congress. He said they should be slaves to us since they take the oath to uphold our best interests. Appears there is a way to take back your sovereignty. I will read up and tell the story soon. (more…)