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Our first day in Denver for the National Conference for Media Reform today.  Janet Altman and I got here around 3 pm.  It wasn’t looking good for parking in the heart of downtown for a 31ft RV.  But after a very decent conversation with Michael Eber (who’s employee I found renovating a beautiful old school) and explaining what we’re doing, we got a prime spot at 12th & Bannock for all 3 days.  And we’re parked just over 1/2 mile to the Sheridan.  Doesn’t get any better than that!  So we registered, then met Sarah from who informed us that Rupert Murdock was trying to buy The L.A. Times and Chicago Tribune.  What a joke.  No one really knew about this and I’m sure it’s being kept under wraps on purpose.  My comment was…”Didn’t he get charged in the U.K. with phone tapping?” Yep!   (more…)

Occupy Denver

May 1st, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Denver - (0 Comments)
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The story began…When we arrived we were waiting for the march to begin and therefore had to circle the park 3 times. On the third round the police had blocked a lane next to the park and stop to tell us that we were not allowed to be in the march and that they intended to arrest ANYONE who was in the streets marching. If we attempted to follow the march or go down the streets impeding traffic they (Tony Lopex DPD Commander) would IMPOUND the vehicle. These Denver police are seriously not into peoples march. (more…)

Today we met with the Occupy Denver organizing group who are working diligently on the May 1 General Strike. Last minute details…including whether the “V” was going to participate in the march. Appears the Denver police are indicative of the same brute force as New York and L.A., but all said we will be in the march bringing up the rear. We’ve participated in about half dozen marches and all were very successful. We’re big, bold, and in your face with 31 feet of protesting signage on one side and huge Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks graphics on the other! (more…)

Occupy Denver

April 15th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Denver - (0 Comments)

To the gang in Denver, thank you for a great welcome. The stories and people behind them…amazing. The police and city officials… always more amazing, and not in a good way!

The city appears to be a mini NY? What’s up with the Bull, Statue of Liberty and Zuccotti like art work. It’s creeping us out! Were the police trained in NY too, because we’re told people were getting $130 tickets for stopping to drop off food to the camp. (more…)