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Cleveland occupiers were few and far between but we managed to do some great outreach while in the city. We found ourselves Don B downtown and he took us around and gave us a little tour and spot in Ohio City where we managed to Occupy the Market Garden during the Presidential elections. It was quite busy in the back room where many Dem’s were meeting after the grand opening of their Campaign headquarters just down the street. (more…)

Occupy Cleveland – 99th City

June 8th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Cleveland - (Comments Off on Occupy Cleveland – 99th City)

Cleveland is alive and well. One of the longest standing encampments from Oct. 6th to May 5th. A very dedicated bunch who have a great report with the police. In fact the story is that the police had to be called in from another County to dismantle the camp because the Cleveland Police didn’t want to do it. The Occupiers (as we all do) fight for the rights of everyone who is feeling the cuts and dips into pensions. They are the 99% too. (more…)