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OTR is in full gear on our activist house

February 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House - (Comments Off on OTR is in full gear on our activist house)

Pueblo House

Today the house was filled with 7 of the 10 activists who will be working on the house. We are doers. We exchanged ideas, drew up plans and organized our team capable of tackling the biggest problems, with nare a flinch. We’re making huge strides with our plan to have this little red house up and running in record time.

Denise has been very instrumental in organizing, promoting, and finding stuff. Denise’s husband Joseph will be joining us in a couple weeks and bringing in Ronnie & Randy with him from Austin. Woo Hoo! Ronnie’s a carpenter and desperately needed. I met Ronnie in D.C. on Nov. 5th. Super nice guy and we love his “can do” attitude. We’ll be really rock’n the Pueblo House. (more…)