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Happy 2016 Birthday!

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We, at OTR, hope everyone will enjoy good health, family and friends for 2016!   Let your dreams be big and the roadblocks small.  Find your passion and attack it with wild abandon!   Don’t let fear stop you from achieving whatever you put your heart into.

Martin Luther King, jr said it best when he wrote a letter from Birmingham jail (which was perfect timing to have received recently and which will be put up soon for all to see):

“We must come to see that human progress never rolls in on wheels of inevitability. It comes through the tireless efforts and persistent work of those willing to be co-workers with God, and without this hard work time itself becomes an ally of the forces of social stagnation. We must use time creatively, and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.   Now is the time to make real the promise of democracy.”




Little by little the whistleblowers are coming forward to let the public know that what we hear and what is actually happening are two different stories.  Thanks to the brave men (and some women) for letting us know the truth about what’s going on.   America needs to know that war and the unjust behavior, guised as protecting us, is wrong.


Drone Operators tell all

Whose parade? Our parade!

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Regarding the Cinco de Mayo parade & charges recently dropped. There is a saying/poem that I remembered went around during the height of occupy, which came to light recently which seemed fitting to share once again, since Matt Martin, who took on this highly controversial case, is fighting for the underdog…me! Thank goodness for those who do the right thing because (more…)

John and Chris helped with the campaign mobile!

Running for City council in District 2 made things quite busy over the past month or so.   Although I didn’t win (sigh of relief) I was quite content that, with all on my plate, I was going to have time to finish all the projects in the works.  With 3 houses (2 to renovate), a book being written and all the involvement with Eastside Action Support Team it’s been enough to keep me and others plenty busy.   People were surprised that with very little campaigning and being an “outsider” I still managed to get within 200 votes of winning.    The voter turnout was lacking and that’s indicative of the Nation.  I think people have all but given up thinking things can change.  I would like to thank the Builders Association for sponsoring me and believing in my vision!

It was disappointing that more new blood didn’t’ get in this election.   This election could have brought an injection of excitement and change but it was the same old, same old.   Let’s hope something sparks this group because it’s going to be a real uphill battle to ensure Pueblo has the vision to make it better.   The city is known for its musicians & artists.  The people are friendly and, like every city, it has pockets and neighborhoods seriously neglected.  If we can work on reviving neighborhoods and save a few children from drugs and crime we will have done our work here.   Myself, I think the city missed the mark when it (more…)

Patrick with the beautiful 'V' in the background.

Over the past year OTR has been renovating 3 homes in East Pueblo to get them ready for creative space for kids and adults to enjoy music, art, gardening and media.  The 3 house was donated making 812, 816 & 824 all designated to finding kids passion.  Once completed the 3 houses will be open for everyone to enjoy music, hang out, learn, educate and create.  Our media house will have a radio station, and hopefully one day, a recording studio.   East Pueblo is changing and plenty of homes are having the boards removed and are now alive with activity and new homeowners.  A world class skatepark is going in only a couple blocks away.  Bike trails and parks are numerous on the Eastside and we’re working with our Foundation & the E.A.S.T. group (more…)

Columbus Day Protest

Salvatore Pace and Janet Wilson

Fiesta Day Parade was fantastic this year! The streets were lined with tons of people…it was probably one of the most well attended parades in which we’d  participated. We got lots of cheers as we rolled though the streets, especially when people saw the revolutionary side of the ‘V’ where all the hero’s reside (thanks to Brett & Alais). We got lucky following a live band who played some great music as we rolled down the streets. Thanks to Salvatore Pace and John Camilli (more…)

She made the leap in Pueblo to join the race in a run for City Council District 2.   We need strong representation and it appeared that no one was stepping up (other than one guy who’d already been in council) so the wheels are in motion.  It’s critical that we have visionaries and doers to make positive change in Pueblo!

People with deep pockets



Usury Free Dollars are next on the agenda in Pueblo

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2015-07-07 09.36.45

Thanks to our local (and amazing) artist Brett Jones we will have our own currency in Pueblo coming soon. He’s doing a great job mimicking the mural hero’s on the ‘V’ for the notes.

Check it out….


Bob Ballard performs for Pueblo House-Fundraiser!

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Our guest Bob Ballard arrived from California and played guitar and sang along the Pueblo RiverWalk on Friday.  Pueblo House collaborated with Operation Paintbrush from NeighborWorks (who are fixing and painting  2 blocks of homes on the Eastside of Pueblo) to do a fundraiser.  Then, on Saturday he performed at “The Daily Grind” on Union Ave. where he gave another stellar performance.  Bob writes his own songs and you can’t help but find yourself humming and singing them long after the music stops. (more…)