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Someone’s really cool hippy van we saw during the Art Walk

Dez @ Cosmic Pizza                                                                                                             Heron, David Rovic and I

Special security followed us through the mall after this.  Once they saw Kim’s “Occupy” scarf they even followed us into the parking lot and then took down the license plate of the RV.  Intimidate?  I can see how they would mistake us for Domestic Terrorists.

Occupy – EUGENE TG Dinner

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Whitaker Community Hall Dinner

Occupy Eugene

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Wedding Greater

  Wedding Dome – donated and massive               4 O’s























Occupy Salem

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Met some folks at Occupy Salem which was under threat of being shut down by Dec. 3rd.   All clean up was scheduled to be done that day.   We were invited to network with people at the Red Opera House.

David C, Heron B, Janet W

Occupy Portland

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The Gang in Portland

Ah Portland,  so many people passionate for the cause.  And even though they have been ousted from their camp the energy remains high with their marches and protests.   Big thanks to Jenika who gave us a place to make home for a couple days and shower, etc.   To all the great folks there who are supporting Occupy the Roads, thank you.  Together we will make the progress we need for change!  Thank you to the “house” who made some very special signs for me to share.  You give inspiration to the cause.

Occupy Olympia

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Olympia was moved and when we got there the rain had taken its toll on the occupiers.  But with the help of a few great volunteers the camp was cleaned and all the wet items had been removed.    Thanks to the ex-military man for taking charge and doing what needed to be done.   The media team was off site and learning livestream from Aeron who spent two days with them.

Occupy Olympia

Food and supply tents

Legislative Building as seen from the Occupy Camp

Occupy Olympia - drenched

Occupy Everett

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Nov 9th to 14th -Everett starts Occupy camp two weeks before.   We arrive to help set up livestream and organize supplies (need a generator).  Many people  have found out we’re here.   New York dudes from the Occupy Media Tech Team are liking it here.  Tomorrow we head south to Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Vancouver and Portland for starters.   Firewheel coffee house has been exceptionally hospitable.  We highly recommend this place.  Books, coffee, entertainment on Sat. nights (new talent) and a great atmosphere with very supportive owners of the Occupy Movement.  Visit here if you can.
Our worst experience so far….WALMART & VERIZON who suck……the worst customer service EVER!


Occupy Seattle

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Amazing reception from our Occupy camp in Seattle.   We were toured through the camp and shown some wonderful art and creative dwellings.  Thank you to Jenny and Jordon for taking time with us.   Thanks to Rhianna for awesome video of occupiers in Seattle.

Jenny & Craig

Occupy Seattle-Aeron

special friends