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Occupy Wall Street

Occupy the Roads is working in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.  Our mission was started after being part of OWS in early Oct. 2011 and therefore we support and work as a cohesive team to bring a better understanding of the movement as a whole.  Our main mission is to spread the word so we can keep the movement alive and growing.   Our plans are,  and always have been,  to bring the necessary mediums to all “Occupy’s” so that we can be stronger and better!  Your solutions are important so keep them coming.  We’re working on our own education reform, and plan to share ideas and connect to all “occupy’s across the USA”.   We’ll share our documents, media, legal and finance knowledge with everyone,  because working together and making life easier for a new “occupy” to start up is what we’re about.  Therefore, if you have anything worth sharing please contact us.  Our deepest and sincere thanks to OWS for waking us and rallying the troops!

Original Wall Street Occupy Paper

1st Occupy News Paper

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