Economic & Social Justice

The People we meet!

Rebecca Kemble and Talia Resnick during DNC in Philly.

Barbara Carter (Detroit MICATS)

Tawana “Honeycomb” Petty (People’s Forum)

Captain Ray Lewis

Interview with Ward Reilly

Interview with Jeff Long in Fort Benning

On Action Quarterly Magazine and Covert Operations

Interview with Joe Brown in Fort Benning

With Jose on “After his Tour” at University of New Orleans

On Fracking with Senator Ron Young in Frederick, MD

AWOL Micah Turner @ Peace House in D.C.

On 911 with David

Interview with Vets For Peace in NYC

At a reststop with Camille on Politics

At a reststop near Pittsburg with truckers (on Politics)

Barbara Palmer on “America” (just outside Columbus, OH)

Pueblo City Council Meeting-Democracy in action? Sept 10,2012

Makana- We are the many

Summer Camp with “Put People First-Vermont” on healthcare

More of Guitarmy in Zuccotti Park, NY

99 Mile Marchers – Guitarmy reaches Zuccotti (from Philly)

Albany Talks

Buffalo Fire Drill

Vermin Supreme for President!

Pots & Pans march in Allentown with our friends @ Occupy Buffalo

Patricia-remarkable teacher and counsellor

Rebecca-Chicago NATO arrest

Helen from Occupy Detroit

Interview with Amos Eldred in Cedar Rapids

Matt & Sean-Interview by Tino about Books for Prisoners

May Day General Strike in Denver

Dress like a 1%’r

Politics with Jay & Tino

Jeremy Gilchrist

Street King-Eric

Occupy Congress

Police Search WikiLeaks Truck