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Detroit stands up to Obama’s Administration at UofM

September 27th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Detroit | Detroiters-Resisting Emergency Management | West Hollywood | West Palm Beach - (Comments Off on Detroit stands up to Obama’s Administration at UofM)

The Obama administration is in Detroit today to discuss the restoring hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds to the City of Detroit to alleviate the financial crisis facing the city. This will not be the case if Obama’s officials choose to meet with and listen to Governor Snyder, EM Orr, Mayor Bing and other officials who have deliberately withheld federal funds from Detroit to further their agenda of privatization, union busting and subsidies for the banks.Here is a list of concrete ways the Obama administration can funnel needed funds to Detroit.

All of these can be done by executive action and do not require approval of the reactionary Republican House of Representatives. The Obama administration can order the release of hundreds of millions of dollars of CSBG funds to the City of Detroit, under the auspices of the City and administered by City workers. In October 2011, State DHS head Moira Corrigan illegally withheld these funds from Detroit in an (more…)

One the last standing encampments threaten takedown on Mar. 1st. As of 3am Mar 2nd the camp was still in place. We’re sitting in the “V” in an empty parking lot in front of an empty building right next to the camp (threatening take down). Other cars here…no one got a ticket except us! Going to city Hall tomorrow to claim profiling and taking pictures with me. We are practicing our constitutional right as a protester, it just so happens to be a RV and not a tent.
But…. $45 must be an over night price :)?

There’s a very committed group here carrying the message and bringing Occupy to the forefront. They challenge city council and use the local media to get their message across. Channel 12 news was sitting for some time yesterday thinking the camp would be broken up but it didn’t happen. With their attention like a laser beam on the take down, they hardly cared that we had put on over 7000 miles visiting 58 occupy camps. Nope….just waiting (in a black suit in 90 degree weather) for the “take down”.

We will continue to monitor today before heading to Miami tomorrow.