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1st tour day with a little planning and Idle No More march

October 7th, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Day 1-Idle No More March | Toronto Ontario | Toronto-Canada - (Comments Off on 1st tour day with a little planning and Idle No More march)

Today the Front Line International touring group organized last minute details for the 4 day tour. I interviewed Jules on the “V”, then Alexandra and Merle documented the resisters on a roof top gathering.

Afterward we walked over to Trinity Belle Park where the Idle No More group were gathering for a potluck and a few speeches. The rain held off for most but, it did finally start drizzling toward the end, however it then stopped again for the march. FYI, it has been pouring for 4 days, so to have sunshine for a little while was a real treat.

A lady and her daughter went through the crowds giving out cups of pumpkin soup and wonderful warm biscuits…so awesome! The drum circle was great, as were the speakers. I ran to get the “V” 4 blocks away at the church (no parking there) so I could follow the marchers as they made their way through downtown Toronto. (more…)

Front lines International -War Resisters Unite!

October 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Toronto Ontario | Toronto-Canada | War Resisters-FrontLine - (Comments Off on Front lines International -War Resisters Unite!)

OTR will be involved in touring with Front Lines Internationa Oct. 7th to 14th.

Veteran and Afghan peace activists are organizing a series of events in the Greater Toronto Area October 7 – 14, commemorating the 12 year anniversary of the U.S.-led NATO invasion of Afghanistan. The tour marks the launch of a new initiative called “Front Lines International”, which “connects and strengthens the front line voices of war across borders, cultures and generations.”

“The public in all of our countries—Canada, the U.S. and Britain—are constantly berated with notions of the War on Terror that are, at best, inaccurate,” says project participant Lt Cpl Joe Glenton, former British military, Afghanistan veteran, and author of the new book, Soldier Box (Verso, 2013). Glenton will be in Canada from London, England for the duration of the tour.

“As a soldier on the ground in places like Afghanistan, I have witnessed both the human cost to the Afghan people, and the toll taken on military service personnel and their families, who are lied to, exploited, and then cast aside for the sake of the war’s duration.” (more…)

War resisters – US + Canada

October 14th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in NYC-End the War | Toronto-Canada - (Comments Off on War resisters – US + Canada)

Micah, Jules and Chris speak out about the war and why all soldiers should speak out and help stop the U.S. agression against other Countries. During my recent visit to Canada I met Jules and Chris along with their partners Nicole and Stephanie to talk about what it was like for them during their tours to Afghanistan. Micah, who is on board now (met in NYC) has also spoken up against the wars.  Not many know about the suicide rate of young vets, which is about 17 per day. It’s time we all got behind this cause and end the atrocities of war!


We occupied Buffalo for the 2nd time….

October 13th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Buffalo | New York -OWS | NYC-End the War | Toronto-Canada | Tour of Duty - (Comments Off on We occupied Buffalo for the 2nd time….)

Buffalo might be economically depressed, but the people are warm, loving and inviting. Visiting for the second time, we were treated well and welcomed by honks of “we get it” as we rolled through. Our 31 ft of billboard surely captures the attention of passers by. We are making our mini-tour before heading to D.C. and Buffalo was a city we wanted to hit again.

Both Windsor and Toronto were on my “get to” list so while I headed to Canada the “V” stayed in Buffalo and attended a couple sites of her own. We didn’t bang any pots this time but some of the crew did attend the Radical Philosophy Conference which they tell me was very good. (more…)