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Protests around the world respond to assault on Palestine

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We stand in support of all those in Palestine who are being attacked by Israel.   Protests were organized in cities around the world today in response to the ongoing assault on Palestine and the Palestinian people.   We’re outraged that a Palestinian 16-year-old (Muhammad Abu Khdeir0)  was brutally murdered by Israeli settlers.  The bombing of Gaza and the killing of over 300 Palestinians by occupation forces, the mass arrests of over 1000, and the raids, attacks, tear-gassing, invasions and closure that Palestinians are being subjected to are crimes against humanity. (more…)

Agent Orange is Monsanto’s legacy

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Tonight we visited Rawlings Library where we heard stories from our vets who served in the Vietnam war.  Many have been diagnosed with diseases directly caused by the affects of agent orange.

HO (Herbicide Orange) was a herbicide manufactured for the U.S. Department of Defense primarily by Monsanto & Dow Chemical in the USA & Canada.  It was given its name from the color of the orange striped barrels in which it was shipped.  It was used as part of its herbicidal warfare program “Operation Ranch Hand” during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971.  In mid 1961, President Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam asked the US to conduct aerial herbicide spraying in his country to eliminate enemy food sources and cover.  In Aug. of ’61 the South Vietnam Air Force initiated herbicide operations with American help.  In Nov. 1961 President John F. Kennedy authorized the start of “Operation Ranch Hand”. (more…)

What’s happening on 5th St.?

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We are planning a small gathering/pot luck at Pueblo House 816 E 5th…. on Feb. 8th. around 6pm.  Rick Stanton has agreed to play again and we’re trying to get a few more locals to sing/play. It’ll be open mic night. With the weather so cold we’ll be inside where it will be quite cozy & warm. We’ll introduce our plans, get your ideas and most of all include the kids who will be instrumental in running the programs.  Please come join us.

We had Renee and Bonnie visit the Pueblo House and what a great meeting of the minds!  Both had seen the article in the Chieftain. Renee (2nd visit) brought the start of a Hydroponics system and she is going to be setting us up with a grow/aquarium unit. This was Bonnie’s first time to PH and she was thrilled at what’s going on here and what we’re planning to do in future.  Her boyfriend builds chicken coops and she’s going to ask if he would supervise the building of a great coop (made from our shed).  We already have the pen and other things there.   We’re looking for some artists to work on the boat and make something out of it.  Ideas?

While waiting for the electrical inspection on Wed.  we made a frame for our sign and around the map.  Pictures from various camps and events over the past two years were used, so you might see yourself!   In the end, the final inspection for Pueblo House was not a success. Apparently every plug needs to be “tamper proof” and many more GFI’s are needed and there’s the breakers which need something because the smoke detector is on that circuit, and then there’s this and that and something over here and something over there. OMG….how did we, as kids, survive in the day I wonder? Looks like it’s going to take another $300 in order to get signed off on another inspection. The good news that Ken is coming back out, so we get to have another visit.   In the meantime Joe is going to switch out and replace the plugs.

On Monday the League of Women Voters luncheon had guest speaker, Detention Chief Darlene Alcala, who discussed what jail personnel are doing about inmates who have mental health and substance abuse issues.  It was quite educational.  If at all possible we’d like to work with the juveniles where we can for community service and mentoring.  We’re hoping the music and art house (which we’re working on next) will keep kids busy. (more…)

Meeting with Senators Aguilar & Giron

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Went to the Health Care Colorado meeting this morning and met Senator Irene Aguilar and Senator Angela Giron. Glen Burke & Dr. Anne Courtright attended as did many others. Senator Aguilar gave a very profound presentation on a co-operative healthcare plan that would encourage preventative as opposed to treating illness when it’s too late, because people put off going to the Dr. because of costs. It was a great presentation and I’ve asked the Senator to visit Pueblo House so we can give this same presentation to the East Side Community. (more…)

The Healthcare Movie @ Rawlings Library

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While we all differ on our opinions of what’s needed there’s no denying that we need healthcare for all.   Knowing that 45,000 people die each year for lack of healthcare is sad.  Sad that 1) nothing is done to fix the problem and 2) sad that in this day & age, we have people dying in this Country because they don’t have access to healthcare.   (more…)

Veteran’s for Peace hold gathering

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We gathered at the Rawlings Library on Monday evening where a few gathered to honor the passing of Dorothy who was well known in the Community:

From the Cheiftan newspaper

Dorothy June Speed Gale departed this life on Oct. 7, 2012. She was born March 17, 1928, in Pueblo, the daughter of Benjamin Milton Speed and Dorothy Thomas Speed, a third-generation Colorado pioneer family. Dorothy was a kind and gentle soul, loving mother, caring friend, devoted wife and partner. Throughout her life, she enjoyed teaching, sewing, gardening and being in nature. She and her husband, Doug, were longtime active members of the Congregational United Church of Christ in Wheat Ridge and Pueblo. Their activities promoting peace and justice included walking to close Rocky Flats Nuclear Facility and co-creating the Annual Peace Flotilla at the Pueblo Nature and Raptor Center that just completed its 18th year. (more…)

Angela Davis talks @ CSU

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Tonight we got to see Denise’s long time idol Angela Davis (member of Black Panthers in the 60’s and a long time Activist) speak live at Colorado State University.  Her stories about social and economic justice along with talks about the prison industrial complex were very captivating.  She understands the problems in this Country and from where they stem.   We, at Occupy the Roads, appreciate her stories about fighting back and using what we have (our numbers and our civil disobedience) to do this.   Back in the 60’s she was put on the top 10 most wanted list by the FBI, which she laughs about today.   (more…)

East Side Community & Vets 4 Peace Meetings

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During the day it was clean up, vacuum and get the floors ready to be sanded.   100 years worth of dirt around the baseboards, in the window sills and closets, and now it looking very good.   The floor sander will be rented for the weekend so hopefully all the upstairs will be done and ready to varnish.

David and Zack are coming from Fort Collins on Sat. evening.  They’ll be bringing Tino and Rachel back (who flew in from NY) with them.  Framing will be done this weekend and early next week.   The electrical will be assessed on Sat. to advise on supplies that will be needed.  The students (with supervision from Ken) will be doing all the electric wiring over the next 3 weeks.  We’re so happy to have their support.   Big thanks to PCC for this opportunity. (more…)

We occupied more meetings this week!

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It was another full couple of days of meetings with  Dr. Anne Courtright and myself attending all.

Health Dept

Tuesday with Health Dept-Teen pregnancy work team- OTR is willing to do a documentary with teens (what do they know and what’s happening in the schools now) to be shown to parents and teachers.  Let’s educate everyone on what’s really going on.  Why does Colorado have such a high rate?  Is abstinence working ? (I think we know the answer to this one) (more…)