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Occupy Philly-NATGAT Day 3

July 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in NATGAT | Occupy Camps | Philadelphia - (Comments Off on Occupy Philly-NATGAT Day 3)
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Yesterday started out with an early (8 am) trip to the Convention Center for me with one other occupier (Diane) and a journalist Trisha from Mint Press. I was curious to find out what the 99 Declaration would be doing and I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt since I had heard derogatory rumors. I had entered myself as a delegate because it was the only way you could be part of the convention (a candidate for your district). (more…)


We arrived to our 3rd Caravan destination just around noon and were so disappointed that the pool was “children only” so no occupying the pool for us on this very hot day! Apparently just acting like a kid doesn’t count. What can we say except “man those Hartford folks are great”! They provided the Occupy Caravan with an awesome outdoor lunch and great company. We had some time to share some stories. (more…)

Occupy Buffalo

June 14th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Buffalo | Occupy Camps - (Comments Off on Occupy Buffalo)

June 16th.

Tried to get into the Juneteenth Parade. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting kicked out of the Juneteenth Parade on MLK! Not once but twice. We broke through the police tape and squeezed in front of a bunch of motorcycles. But, wasn’t long before we got corralled and sent off the path. “They” didn’t like our message? Or our chant…”Education is a right, not just for the Rich & White”? Actually the cop was really nice until the 2nd one came along and told her we weren’t registered to be in the parade, so they made us turn right….right out of the park! So we swung around and went to the Back of the Parade where after a few blocks we got corralled again….this time they threatened to give us a ticket and impound the “V” if we didn’t leave. (more…)

Arrived in Chicago 4 days before the NATO protest

May 16th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Chicago | Occupy Camps - (Comments Off on Arrived in Chicago 4 days before the NATO protest)

Well we made it to chicago, found a parking space with the help of micah, Thanks micah! Unfortunately we decided to leave and park in South Bend, Ind. for several reasons, 1) 15 minutes into being there we had undercove cops come take pics front and back 2) soon after we had Chicago police do a slow drive by 3) then we had what looked like a state trooper in an unmarked car 4) under cover return at a very slow pace 5) Chicago PD do a drive by hitting us with the spot light 6) we had two Ch PD suv’s park half a block away watching us and 7) when we started up the V to head out the under covers show up again and stayed there stopped until we left, so thinking that by staying there we might bring unwanted heat to our comrads and to ourselves within the first 2 hours of being in Chicago we decided to leave and park in South Bend :/ (more…)

David Cobb talks “Move to Amend”

May 10th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in David Cobb | Fort Collins | Occupy Camps - (Comments Off on David Cobb talks “Move to Amend”)

Headed to …Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship – 300 E Oak Fort Collins, CO

to Hear: David Cobb, a fiery speaker, and former Green Party presidential candidate give his talk about the American Creation Myth. A question and answer period followed. This presentation is part history lesson and part heart-felt call-to-action. (more…)


Fort Collins decided it wants to move the Football stadium to the University area.  But, they have a beautiful stadium now set in a gorgeous setting in the side of the foothills with an incredible amount of land they could “occupy” to expand if they wanted to.  But, they’ve decided to spend millions moving the stadium to the Colorado State University where they will totally destroy and eliminate a very functional garden space where the community has been doing great things. (more…)


May 3,

The “V” is full of passers by and we’re having an great conversation and education session. They now LOVE Occupy & understand about Bradley! The best visits are absolutely the spontaneous ones.

Today we met Steve & Rebecca and had some beautiful artwork donated and put on the “V” :-).   Then we visited with Arnet and his two sons who shared beautiful stories and then gave us some speakers for the “V” so we can blast some tunes on our next parade/march. (more…)


What a scream today as we sat outside the Coloradoan News Paper. We thought that when we parked in their empty parking lot, they might come out to ask what the 31 ft of billboard and wiki is all about. But, natta! In fact when we went in after 1/2 an hour and told them of our mission they politely said “If anything happens tomorrow (May 1 General Strike) we may cover that. So we sat outside and when a nice lady came along who was curious about us we interviewed her only to find an amazing story. That will go up later. (more…)

Occupy Lubbock, TX

April 6th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Lubbock | Occupy Camps - (Comments Off on Occupy Lubbock, TX)

The “V” was a big hit in Lubbock.    April 5th (very late)

Arrived in Lubbock around midnight and was cheerfully greeted by Mark Lawson and a few more occupiers who swooped and immediately started taking pics. We’re happy to bring a sense of belonging, when they told us it felt like they were slowing down. Filled with this renewed energy + sense of urgency we have planned a full day coming up with first stop @ the University Free Speech Area during the day. We want to find some students willing to talk to us about the occupy movement and what it means to them. Then we’ll share a spaghetti dinner with the occupiers in the Lubbock camp followed by a trip to downtown for an evening of art touring with the “v”. Our ART ought to turn some heads. (more…)


April 1
A huge thank you to all our new friends in The Big Easy! NOLA and OTS really know how to get things done. We appreciate being part of your team for a couple days. Having the use of your electricity really helped us! Thanks to Sean and Infinity for the great signs they made, to Occupy the Stage for some great music, to Justin for the cool traffic signs and to Mikey and Beatrice for the tour around French Quarters on the last night. NOLA, you will forever be in solidarity as we all push forward to make the changes we need in this Country. Keep up the good work! (more…)