Economic & Social Justice

At 5:30 am we met with others at the B.A.R.T. where private buses took us to the Ports.   There were about 500 people protesting at the 3 main ports around 5:30 am.   Trucks lined the streets waiting to hear the arbitrators decision on whether to close the Port.  The 7am shift was shut down.   Protestors by the 1000’s gathered again for  the evening march from downtown Frank Ogawa Plaza to the Ports, where the media lined the roads in anticipation of what might happen.  Much to their dismay, I’m sure, it was peaceful and very light spirited.  The masses joined together at Port 55 and celebrated as nothing I’ve seen thus far.   It was a very moving experience.   When the 99% finally have a voice, it’s worth listening!   We advise the government (and their large Corporate Partners) to start listening so we can begin to fix what is terribly wrong in the Country!