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Occupy El Paso

January 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in El Paso | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

El Paso’s GA was attended by us on Monday night. It is the only Occupy GA so far that is predominately women. While we listened we heard a different kind of “wish list”. For these people just having clean water, in a drought State would be great. Sometimes we forget that the things we take for granted or have in abundance are lacking for others. The simple ability to have free time to choose ones own path has become a rarity for those working in American factories in boarder towns. These factories have given people piece meal labor, that segments the tasks necessary to complete a product, there for severely limiting the ability for any person to have a feeling of accomplishment in any given task completed. One such factory, after abandoned by an American company producing jeans, was transformed into a community space, with arts and meeting area present. They have a market to sell food they grow themselves. The have a daycare to ensure the children are being looked after. There is a food cooking area where they teach and a market for local goods made. It is a community inside a community and they want people to know that while the largest problems exist in the White House, their mission is to lead the change they want to see. .
The thing we most took away from El Paso was their commitment to their neighborhood, community and children. El Paso has a wonderful space that was obtained by way of grant (despite its massive ballooning payment they are required to pay back). But, now the funds are all used up and they are facing eviction like so many. This is a terrible thing, because what they’ve done in this building has given us hope, and can give us great further inspiration. The community, though far smaller than most cities, has strong, intelligent, and dedicated stewards of the common wealth. These activists, primarily young people, are doing their very best to strengthen their environment through dedication to all who are struggling in their region and beyond. Our hats go off to Occupy El Paso and we at Occupy the Roads hope that a person or business will step up to help you stay in your place. All of us enjoyed meeting you and sharing stories, helping to connect you to the thread that keeps us focused in WA DC. May you never forget, it it your accumulative efforts which give your people the ability to sustain the changes necessary for your future. We admire your tenacity.

Written by Janet and Heron~