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Occupy Charlotte, NC

January 11th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Charlotte | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

Feeling much better (from a nasty cold that took around the clock rest to finally feel human again) as we rolled into Charlotte. From the website we couldn’t tell what was happening. Was there an Occupy? Information was vague at best and some mention of dissension (this seems to be a trait since mid CA). We arrived thinking we’d find a coffee shop and find some people who might know more. Immediately we stepped out of the RV a Nice security guard asked if we were part of a group that marched there this morning? Ah…no, but why would this matter? He didn’t offer up info, we found out later. Went in for coffee and to update info/pictures all the while watching 4 (now) security guards taking pictures of the RV. There appeared to be much commotion going on. Then, a couple police officers showed up. I was legally parked and fully paid (2 stalls) as usual. I found myself quite amused at the whole thing as I sat watching them out the window. Heron came in to tell me our time was almost up on the meter and we shouldn’t give them any reason to ticket ….all the while he was being followed by a Bank of America guy. Who, once in the coffee shop (yes that’s right in the shop next door to BIG BA) proceeded to ask me “What my intentions were”? Dazed and truly amazed I asked who he was. Immediately and very proudly, he mentioned he represented (was employed by) Bank of America. He appeared most uncomfortable that Heron was taking his picture as I kept talking about the “Great Cause Occupy” that we are representing. I was now on the street mentioning to the cops that we were ALL the 99% and were fighting for them too. Mr. BA seemed irritated. Later that evening we found out …It appears the people they were referring to earlier were marching for 4 who were arrested on Saturday for looking into the Bank of America’s windows. They had been detained until today (Wed. morning). I watched the video of the arrest and couldn’t believe that they were arrested for trespassing. Did you know that BA owns half the sidewalk? Now that’s Corporate with a capital “C”. Yes, folks this is the home of Bank of America. Now I’m pretty sure that we’re all over the FBI site as Domestic Terrorists. I just want to make sure I don’t end up in a FEMA prison for life before I get to D.C.