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We occupied the radio station at 90.7 with Steven, Mic Check and Tricky Dicky. The interview went well.

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Canton gave us a huge welcome

October 20th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Canton - (0 Comments)

Tara Nelson was extremely helpful in arranging a wonderful welcome to Canton. We drove up to the Arcadia Grill and there it was…..a beautiful sign they had made the night before. We were fed and stories were exchanged with all the good people who waited for us to arrive.

We had planned to be there early but something came up that left us devastated and we were regrouping and planning. Unfortunately the person who was responsible for getting us funding didn’t come through we have posted the story on FaceBook where you are able to see it here:

After a great dinner at Arcadia we all went to Primo’s for beer and great conversation. We met many new people who were very interested in what we’re doing. We ended the night with popcorn on the “V” and some much needed laughs. (more…)