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Occupy Columbia, SC

February 19th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Columbia | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

Feb. 18th
Managed to get in touch with Tim from Columbia and he invited us to this fabulous hall where they had just had a crowd of people celebrating the fact that they had succeeded in getting an ordinance overturned. Columbia officials decided that constitutional rights ended at 6 p.m. (their curfew). The people gathered in big crowds to make their voices heard and eventually were successful. Columbia is a blue dot in a very RED State. The city is very progressive and active.

After a couple hours with Brett and Tim we were well informed about the local politics. Stories were shared and many laughs were had last night on the “V”. We think someone should run for congress in their district through USA Assembly (coming soon). People, regardless of party, realize that our Country is suffering and not functional right now. If everyone stood together to change it we could fire Congress and put in some 99%’rs with common sense to help fix it before all our liberties are taken away. Time to WAKE UP the people!

Feb. 19th
Today all of us were helping feed people @ Finlay Park with “Food not Bombs”. Afterward we loaded up the “v” and went on a historical tour through town.

Imagine, some in this town are happy to fly the confederate flag! In 1999 they finally got the City to take it off the top of the State Capital Bldg. It didn’t move far…they placed it on the front lawn in it’s own little fenced area close to a statue of Pitchfork Pat Tillman (biggest racist ever).
Still, this was monumental for the city and people of color who found the flag offensive, symbolizing oppression in the civil rights era. Next, we visited Modjeska Monteith Simkins House (S. Carolina’s Matriarch of Civil Rights activists). Her house was made into a Historic site and this is used for to teach Non-Violence classes.

There’s no shortage of history here. To end the day we visited Nikki Haley (Governor’s mansion) and took pictures of the “v” outside. Let’s just say she’s good friends with Sarah Palin, I say no more!

We are now headed for Charleston, SC!

Occupy Hendersonville, NC

February 17th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Hendersonville | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

Occupy Hendersonville is the first occupy we’ve seen that NEVER had an encampment. Yet, these folks are as productive, if not more, than many. Our youngest occupier (Fable) came aboard the “v” to check it out. Hendersonville usually have a rally every Sat. noon to four.We salute the kind people of Hendersonville for a very warm welcome. We ♥ you

Occupy Asheville

February 16th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Asheville | Occupy Camps - (1 Comments)

Got on the scene yesterday where we met a few of the Asheville occupiers. The space they had was very compact at the base of the Court House. The piece of land was donated to the “people” by the Pack family. Only recently was an ordinance passed to make the property part of the Court House and city land. The ordinance passed 5/1 in favor. That gave the city a reason to evict the protestors who were now on City land. The eviction notice was set for noon today. After a few hours we realized the police were not coming and most likely were going to wait until the 10 pm curfew was up. That was exactly what they did. John Penley stood strong and forced them to arrest him so that he could have reason to fight the ordinance passed. He was arrested around 10:45 this evening. His tent conveniently located (moved earlier) to the Court House steps. The police were so nice it was freakish. After seeing so much police brutality it was amazing and refreshing to see a non violent protest being dismantled so nicely. Video on ustream.

Occupy Greensboro

February 15th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Greensboro | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

We arrived pretty late, and as we rolled through town, we decided to put the “V” in a very prominent and visibly noticeable spot.  We had the privilege of meeting Al, who owns a neat book store/coffee shop.  The Occupiers have a great place to gather in the back. Loads of room for General Assemblies and movies. Al gave us a tour of his place. We were offered some fantastic carrot cake muffins. We weren’t able to meet many of the occupiers since we had to keep moving in order to get to Asheville yesterday. Greensboro gave us an interview with Jeremy which can be seen on ustream.

Occupy Baltimore

February 14th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Baltimore | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

Hey Baltimore, thanks for letting us join your GA last night! It was very organized (even though it was later than expected) and we were happy to be there at a pivotal moment, when OB decided to rent some indoor space. They are going to have a permanent address and a place for their working groups to gather. It’s great to see everyone come together and get things done. Although they have some of the same struggles they strive to overcome as a group and create an inviting environment where everyone’s voice and ideas are appreciated. We especially liked the story about Reed’s Pharmacy who was instrumental in the Civil Rights fight against discrimination. All of us aboard the “V” wish for a successful battle to save the building and make it a historical place now and in the future.

We’re sorry we missed their “occupy the courts” today but we have a pressing journey so we can get to Ashville before they are evicted. You make us proud!

Occupy the 1st Amendment in Philly

February 14th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps | Philadelphia - (0 Comments)

After leaving NY we made it to Philly just in time to participate in “Occupy the 1st Amendment”.  The protestors started setting up at 7 am at Independence Mall at 5th and Market street.   The plan was to Mic Check Comcast to protest that would not carry Al Jazeera in English.  The plan to invade the lobby came to an abrupt halt when (miraculously) the police found out about the plan and blocked off all access to the building.  As we approached the building we found some Comcast executives standing around out front.  Not sure what their purpose was other than to annoy an already disappointed crowd.   After showing their “own” TV show the protestors took to the streets and marched back to Independence Mall where the rally continued.  Later that evening they had a burial ceremony for the “1st amendment”.

On the road again!

February 12th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

OTR is back on the road and heading to Florida.  Ocuppy’g the “V”  are 3 members of OWS .  Occupy Wall St has provided an incredible amount of insight.  All that can be said is…”thank goodness we are not looking to OWS (at least the group that attend GA) to lead us!  This movement is Nation wide now thanks to those that started the movement and growing every day.  The mission of Occupy The Roads will continue to be 1) educate the people about what is going on 2) open their eyes and 3) to get them involved.   As we journey to our next “occupy” we will reflect on the past and use it as a learning tool for how to move forward.  We will not let ourselves be bogged down with things that do not help the movement achieve it’s vision and goals.  While the trip to OWS was not as expected the “come away” is an important lesson and that is “it’s very easy to fall into the trappings of money and lose sight of the goal”.    We, at Occupy the Roads, will always keep our eye on the ball, the bigger picture….Change for the 99%


February 9th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in New York -OWS | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

My visit to OWS has been less than stellar! Now, it appears we have corruption in the very movement that we’re fighting against. I’m disappointed beyond words. It’s been very difficult to find the momentum to keep going. OWS was a humming fine tuned engine when I left here in Oct. But since the end of Oct. and after a lot of money was pouring in, things changed. The money has been controlled by a select few who offer no transparency. After a week of trying (with the help of some other concerned members) we have hit a wall of secrecy that is alarming. Checks for huge amounts have been paid out. Large withdrawals made with no receipts. Cash given out in large amounts to scrupulous individuals who were afraid of being mugged as they left the office. So much has been exposed that it’s difficult to comprehend. How in the world does this happen? Many occupy’s have also found money to be the root of their problem too. We MUST be open and transparent or find ourselves in this predicament. Since I’ve been here, there has been nothing but bickering and finger pointing, yet still the select few (Pete, Christine among the biggest offenders) have tightened the purse strings and let others attack the whistle blowers. I did not drive 6000 miles supporting OWS to find out that it is just as corrupt as the very thing we are against. It’s time to rally the people and gain back control of the Power! Money! Since this is now going to be in the news I think it’s important that people know it’s not OWS or the movement, but rather, a select few who have nominated themselves as the money LORDS. Most of you who know me, understand that I have spent the last 3 months connecting all of us so we can work together. Because “United” we stand! I’m asking that all of you stand with me to expose this corruption so that we can move on together. If we let any Occupy camp be controlled it is no longer about “We the People”. If anyone wants further information I suggest you go on read the streams of comments for clarification.

I hope that this is only a temporary set-back and that OTR will be able to start up again shortly.  In the meantime I will stay in NY until such time as the accounting is done and we can be assured that a special interest person or group has not infiltrated our movement deliberately.

Who’s “V”? RV!

February 6th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Newark | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

Finally the finishing touches on the “V” and now we’re just about ready to roll.  Clark and Julia put the final few vinyls on the RV and we had a little celebration afterward.  After some financial meetings at OWS this week we hope to be off on the weekend and heading south to Florida.  We didn’t want to press our luck with the weather.   It’s been absolutely perfect while we’ve been here.   The north will have to wait until spring.  As long as funds provide the “V” will ride!

Occupy Broadway, Manhattan

February 5th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in New York -OWS | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

It was an event fit for a queen.  The “V” got a special parking space right on Broadway between 38 & 39th.  Couldn’t have been any better unless we rolled out the red carpet, pulled out the awning and threw a couple lawn chairs out.   We made the most of our prime real estate spot for Saturday evening and then  Sunday’s “No more war” rally in Times Square.   Handy that Matt (Janet’s nephew) worked at Starbucks on 41st and Broadway.   We definitely saw double takes,  jaws drop and many pictures snapped.   We love New York!  Who’s Streets?  Our Streets!  Who’s V?  RV!