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Occupy West Palm Beach

March 1st, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps | West Palm Beach - (0 Comments)

One the last standing encampments threaten takedown on Mar. 1st. As of 3am Mar 2nd the camp was still in place. We’re sitting in the “V” in an empty parking lot in front of an empty building right next to the camp (threatening take down). Other cars here…no one got a ticket except us! Going to city Hall tomorrow to claim profiling and taking pictures with me. We are practicing our constitutional right as a protester, it just so happens to be a RV and not a tent.
But…. $45 must be an over night price :)?

There’s a very committed group here carrying the message and bringing Occupy to the forefront. They challenge city council and use the local media to get their message across. Channel 12 news was sitting for some time yesterday thinking the camp would be broken up but it didn’t happen. With their attention like a laser beam on the take down, they hardly cared that we had put on over 7000 miles visiting 58 occupy camps. Nope….just waiting (in a black suit in 90 degree weather) for the “take down”.

We will continue to monitor today before heading to Miami tomorrow.

Occupy Fort Pierce

February 29th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Fort Pierce | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

Didn’t find any occupiers in Fort Pierce but spoke with some people who knew nothing of the Occupy movement. While waiting around we did manage to catch up on some work (on and off the “v”). Our Jay man found himself a commercial fishing boat that needed some help, so he’s gone off for a week to make some money and help fund OTR as we head to more cities. Jay will meet up with us in Miami most likely.

Melbourne, FL

February 28th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Melbourne | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

Participated in Melbourne’s candle light vigil (World solidarity for the 99%) at City Hall. These Melbourner’s sure know how to get things done! A few short stories were read for those feeling the pressure of today’s bad economy, of social injustice and the burden of school debt.
We always love to see the small, but mighty towns that bring passion to the movement and make things happen. Kudos to you Melbourne and thanks for your wonderful hospitality shown to us this evening.

Cape Canaveral, FL

February 27th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Cape Canaveral | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

Quaint little town but no occupiers. Once, the hub of Interplanetary development, which is no longer in existence. Our stake was sold to Russia and 20,000 people laid off because of it. Space travel as an American Industry has been subcontracted out. NASA has been privatized like everything else. There’s still defense contractors from Cape Canaveral to Melbourne. The economy was hit hard here and many vacant buildings show tel tell signs. Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman are still in the vicinity hiring engineers but who are the building weaponry for? We were fortunate to attend a small market put on Mondays, Tuesday and Wed. from 11 to 5 pm where locals sell their products and some vegetables.

Shout out to all…..

February 26th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

We at Occupy The Roads have been making great strides to linking occupations together, bring awareness to people unaware of the movement, as well as converting some who were dead against occupy. Unfortunately we are now running out of funds.  Any donations would help us continue our work. Aside from actual financial donations we could also use simple things from people such as help with laundry, or a home cooked meal. Any and all help would mean so much. We have already been to 53 cities and would love to do another 50. We’ll be hitting these cities over the next week: Tituswill, Merrit Island, Palm Bay, Port St. Lucie, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale + Miami.

Occupy Orlando, FL

February 25th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps | Orlando - (0 Comments)

Landed in Orlando last night and caught the Occupiers finishing up a meeting. Another great bunch who have some direct actions planned while the All Star basketball game is on Sunday.
Met Dekker and his wife Julia who are film and studio people and they’re going to help us put a commercial together for Occupy so we can get our message out to mainstream.

Bringing awareness about the homeless is important, especially when you hear the individual stories like we did tonight about people, who through no fault of their own, have suffered serious loses and end up on the streets. We have a huge problem in this Country that needs to be addressed. While we can feed them temporarily, it’s more important that we find solutions for the long term. People are living in their cars, with children. People are not able to sleep in parks or be fed by the locals. Turning a blind eye is one way the rich prefer to deal with it. Like fencing in the Amway stadium so no one can see the “not so nice area” or visit those businesses that have been around that neighborhood forever. Some things you cannot hide….we are watching, we are not going away!

Occupy Daytona Beach

February 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Daytona Beach | Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

Daytona passed a law to make it illegal to sleep in the Park. We met a man tonight who was arrested when he laid down in the park. Dominic said he lived in NY for 50 years and was never arrested but got to Daytona Beach and was arrested and held in prison for lying down in a park! And did you know It’s illegal to ask for food in a few block stretch on Beach Rd.? Also, it’s illegal to feed the homeless! So Food not Bombs cannot feed people. What next? OTR will help march tomorrow and join in some civil actions 🙂

The Daytona city council is hardly a representation of “we the people” The mayor owns a car dealership and sits on the board of Halifax Health, one councilwoman owns THE real estate company that owns most of downtown( which just so happens to be in her district),the chief of police’s brother owns Daytona International Speedway…our city council is a collection of fascists if I ever saw one! (by slim posted on FB)

Occupy Jacksonville

February 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Jacksonville | Occupy Camps - (1 Comments)

The occupiers in Jacksonville have a table right in front of City Hall and have been there for the past two months. Most of them have disappeared over time, but the core are here to keep the movement alive. A tent canopy is manned by Bobby (and another person mainly), adorned with their own solar panels and a bike powered generator. Their marches are strong, including the one on the GOP debate recently at the college, with a strong military presence of course. Jacksonville was supported in solidarity with guests from Savannah and other nearby camps. We’re happy to be with our Florida friends tonight for their GA. The “V” was a big hit tonight.


February 20th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Bluffton - (Comments Off on Bluffton)

Couldn’t find anyone in Charleston so we headed to Savannah where we picked up a hitch hiker named Sport who told us there was an occupy in Bluffton. Didn’t find an occupy but did find lots of great history.  Sport continued to give us his position on politics in the Bluffton area.

Occupy Savannah, GA

February 20th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps | Savannah - (0 Comments)

What a beautiful city with a great deal of history behind it. We’re especially fond of this city and had a wonderful time with the occupiers of this historic place. Brett and Maxx were very hospitable and we spent time understanding the dynamics of Savannah and the people.

We were lucky enough to find parking downtown and had a stroll around. Found B+D Burgers. Yummy! The boys were doing some outreach of their own later that evening.

Next day we helped set up camp in Emmett Park with Brett and Maxx who do this every day. Brett travels 7 miles (mostly walking it) to do this. We can see his commitment to the cause is great. We heard that maybe Brett will run for office and we encourage him to do so.

We love you Savannah! You’re small but well versed and sometimes less is more. You do good things.