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Women’s March Pueblo

January 20th, 2018 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps - (0 Comments)

This was an extraordinary turnout for Pueblo.  It was obvious that women, men and youngsters felt strongly about supporting this important cause , indicated by the numbers that showed up, to help spread the love and the message of solidarity for equal rights and equal treatment of everyone on the planet.

It’s always great to get the ‘V’ out on the streets, especially for a cause about equality.  But, alas it appears that sometimes our message can be too big for some even if we’re fighting the same battle.   Perhaps it’s the 31 ft. of “WikiLeaks” or the “Top Secret”,  or “Information Task Force” on side,  that intimidates  those with whom you’ve aligned to fight injustice.   You’d think with all the revolutionaries on the other side of the ‘V’ it would have been a perfect fit for a march about equality.  After all, those faces adorned on the ‘V’  fought for civil rights and the equality of people,  but yet we were sent off and told, “no vehicles allowed inside the coned area.”  So (more…)