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Reality TV and Occupy!

September 25th, 2017 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps

People attack you for standing up to the status quo and for equality. It’s hard to be different and be your own person with your own thoughts, in a world that wants a nation of clones. Ah, but now in the news… all this talk about football players kneeling during the anthem! In this country we have “rights” protected by the law? Freedom of Speech is one? If those who think everyone should just follow and not do, or say anything to disrupt the apple cart then perhaps they should go live in a country where you’ll be told what to think and say. As long as you follow the ‘rules’ no problem, right?

This is a free country.. and if not for those who bravely participated in civil disobedience, no change would have come about. With all the turmoil in this country, the apathy has been astounding…but now OMG Football? The protest has gone to the sports fields and I couldn’t be happier, because while you were all watching TV the country went into the toilet, in case you didn’t notice. We have a President who thinks he’s on some kind of reality TV show and can fire anyone he wants, and has not one problem spewing hate, on anyone or anything that gets in his way.

I’m waiting for the country to catch up to those of us who saw it coming a long ago. It’s called “Occupy!” and those who braved the beatings and tear gas in the street, from those wanting it stopped, are hero’s in my eyes. I’m watching reality TV too and it’s getting really scary so I, for one, am hoping a lot of games are disrupted. Maybe then people will understand that crap is going down while you were comatose in front of the TV. There’s rumor that something is going to happen in a major city sometime soon and the US is going to let it happen, so they have another excuse to “bring on the wars” and it won’t be pretty. I hope this source is wrong but it’s coming from a reliable source on the inside. It’s llooking rather scary out there and I for one would like some peace. But you see there will be no peace until people figure out what’s going on and do something, anything to stand against oppression. There’s a reason this is on the side of my RV.

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