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BC & Oregon were occupied!

September 11th, 2017 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Portland | Vancouver, BC -Canada

The ‘V’ spent a few days on the sunshine coast traveling all the way to Squamish, BC Canada where it surely was a big hit with all our revolutionaries on the side of it.

The day before leaving I noticed a lady riding her bike in front of the house. She had her dog on a leash and as I came out of the house to put some stuff in the RV, I saw that she had stopped and was now taking pictures of the RV, so I put the stuff down in the inside, closed the door and went to say hi. She said, “that’s quite a vehicle you have there”, to which I replied yes indeed. Then she stated how each person whose picture adorned the ‘V’ were so inspirational and made the world a different and better place. She remarked about people and serious struggles that were prevalent today. She said the world had changed and mentioned it was tough to deal with all the issues we faced without getting depressed (I remind myself this was Canada), then she mentioned that she cries almost every night about the things that are happening around us.  

I agreed with her that there’s some pretty sad things going on today, but also mentioned that part of the problem was that not a lot of people wanted to know, let alone do anything, and that was even sadder. My heart went out to her as I could tell from the conversation she might be in the medical field or working with people. I felt hope that maybe more people were finally paying attention. I mentioned that fighting injustice is what the RV was all about. She said, “I don’t think change is gonna happen in my lifetime.” I told her to keep positive and that there is change coming however slowly. We were making change and others were too. I wanted to interview her, but decided she was too sensitive right then. Instead I just let her know what I was doing that small things can make a difference. Really, I just wanted to scoop her up and bring her to Pueblo. It reminded me of a phrase I’d heard many times…”People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.” Indeed!
Yesterday was spent in Portland, OR where I met up with Jenika Sharon who’d I’d not seen since leaving on my mission almost 6 years prior.   We met up at an “Anti Hate” rally where the ‘V’ caught the tail end and tried to remain in the march but was politely told NO you’re not part of the permitted parade.  I drove the RV in the back of the walk/march until the cops decided “oh no you’re not” stating it was a permitted march which didn’t include motor vehicles. So I just went up and down the streets and the v was a big hit. The rally was organized by:

Rally/March Against White Nationalism

Portland Stands United Against Hate

The RV got its name in Portland by a bunch of students…”Whose V, RV!”  So it was a bit nostalgic to be back on the west coast, albeit a lot more enlightened now and paying more attention to the news that’s not being told.

Other than a whole lot of forest fires, smoke and nasty air it was quite nice to be back on the road and especially where it all started when I bought the RV Oct. 2011.   Now it’s back to Pueblo where I’ll continue working on the music house and decide whether a third house will be restored.   There’s plenty more to do and I encourage everyone to pick up the gauntlet and make a difference in your city, town, country, world.  (Janet)



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