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Climate March in Pueblo

April 29th, 2017 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Climate March | Pueblo

A few of us weathered the weather on Saturday to show our support for the National Climate March 2017.

With the snow coming down the speakers persevered to lend their voices.   Across the country people marched to stand up to the administration who think it’s not real.  Well, the people spoke up and this is what it looked like:

Climate March DC 2017

18119606_10154478963282555_8966108870504876059_n 18222114_10154478963472555_1109115205836227020_n 18157290_10154478963652555_9069395782580496738_n 18193948_10154478964087555_2861938686909458388_n 18222375_10154478964457555_6536610262856446222_n Mineral Palace Park climate march Joseph & denise climate march the v in snow-climate march Mineral Palace Park -Climate March Daneya speaks on the Capitol steps

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