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Pueblo Flash Mob!

March 30th, 2017 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Rally

Calling all musicians to come join us for a flash mob in Pueblo CO.   This is a civil disobedience action to support all the musicians/artists who are banned from playing on the RiverWalk in Pueblo.  The RiverWalk was paid for with tax payer dollars.   But we found out only a dozen musicians are allowed to play on this long expanse of beautiful man made river walkway.   Not only that, they MUST audition before playing and then, if lucky enough to be approved (not sure what the criteria is or who decides) then the musician must remain in the same spot for only 90 minutes and not go anywhere else along the Riverwalk.  Who the hell makes these rules!!!

Well the musicians fought back last Monday night with a visit to city council, where during the public forum of 5 min. each 4 were allowed to speak up and say “TOO MANY RULES IN PUEBLO”.   It was especially alarming when two veterans said they were denied access to play there.  Pueblo…HOME OF THE HERO’S denying hero’s to sing and play!   What has this city come to with all their ridiculous rules?

We’ll be organizing a Flash MOB on the last Saturday of each month (Starting April 29) at noon, until they change the rules!  We encourage musicians from all over to join us and take a stand with us!    We need a great song!

Guitarmy during the Occupy Movement

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