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Music House finally on the way!

December 1st, 2016 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House | Stone House

We’ve been busy working on our music house.  The OTR Foundation has 3 houses that were donated on the Eastside (812, 816 & 824 E 5th St.) of Pueblo.  We’re using these spaces to ensure youth have a stress free – safe place to go where they enjoy a few things that schools may not offer.   Our aim is to give kids something fun to do and at the same time expose them to things that they might find their passion.   Rather than work at minimum wage jobs it would be nice to see them build a career doing what they love.  We’ll expose kids to more music, art and media.  We’re creating a space where young people can learn, play and mentor each other.  The original Pueblo House is finished, but we have so much stuff (and a whole lot of musical instruments) inside, we’ve run out of room.  Renovations are finalizing on the music house and with all the construction, we’ve not had the time (or space) to run programs.  The music house will be our main focus until spring when we will open the space for music jams & lessons.  The original Pueblo House (816 E 5th) will be turned into a games room, library and be our art space with lessons by local artists.

This past week we’ve been sanding floors and repairing walls.  We’ve had to work around the “stuff” we’ve collected over the past couple years, but it’s looking really good.  There’s been plenty of plastering, painting, repairing windows, rebuilding frames and doors and removing old staples and nails so we could sand the floors it’s been full days of grueling labor.   With our local talent (Stan [decks, windows & screens], Dave [plumbing & wall repair]) along with some wonderful businesses, like Lowe’s and American Furniture Warehouse,  we’ve been able to get a few donations to help us along with the process.

We’ve managed to get all the floors (in 824 E 5th St.) sanded and will spend the next couple weeks installing kitchen walls and installing new cabinets, a dishwasher, fridge and sink.  For the most part it’s only a small team working around the clock to make this happen.  A local electric company (Royal Electric) has donated a new high efficiency furnace and hooked us up to gas.  Lowes donated an ‘on demand’ water heater.  We now have heat and hot water in the house.    We’ll be working on this space for a while yet and can’t even think about starting the media house (our 3rd space)  One day these houses will be humming with music, art and media so the kids on the Eastside have a safe and fun place to chill.   We take it one day at a time….making lots of progress with very little money.   We hope to get some grants soon to help get us there quicker.


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