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Finally…The Book is Available! MoVement -The Uncensored Truth of Occupy

December 26th, 2016 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Books | MoVement | Occupy Camps

The OTR book is available. It’s been a few long, grueling days over the past couple weeks getting the book to print, and making an electronic format available on Kindle.  After 3 years in the making it’s finally done.   Thanks to thank Jones (who airbrushed the ‘V’)  for designing the cover and helping me quite a bit over the past few days.   I would also like to thank all my friends who helped edit the content (Catherine Calderon, Nita Backes with some parts done by Cate Mugasis & Randy Kalish).  I have copies of “MoVement” coming next week and “Who Put the ‘V’ in Occupy the original edition (arriving the following week). I decided to have two titles to encourage everyone to read it regardless of what they think of Occupy.  Sometimes people are quick to judge from the title.  We all know the media did a good job portraying the movement in a negative light. With book can be ordered now (link on the right).  I’d welcome any feedback from the readers.  Safe journey into 2017 everyone!  Much Love…Janet

What a surprise to see the first order come through for 10 copies by Victoria Morris-Ott.  If you want it autographed please let me know in the instructions as I will sign before I ship.  The price is $14.95 plus shipping.  I’m still working on the shipping prices but right now 1 book ships for $4.95 to anywhere in the US.  .  The novel will eventually be available on Amazon.

Maybe there will be a book signing tour   this spring!

Finally ...The Book!

Finally …The Book!


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